Blog Everyday In May – Day 25 – What he told me

Day 25, Saturday: Something someone told you about yourself that you’ll never forget (good or bad)

This incredibly sappy post is going to be dedicated to my awesome friend Dan! We met for the first time just recently during my trip to Canada, but we have known each other online for 5 or so years now. I can remember clearly that even in 12th grade, we were talking to one another CONSTANTLY. I am talking Skype-every-night.

It is not often that you meet somebody with whom the silence is so utterly comfortable. Often times, our Skype sessions consisted of us leavng Skype on and going about our day. There was just comfort in knowing we COULD talk, not that we necessarily had to.

This year on Valentines Day, he told me something that I will never forget

“I just wanted to say you are the best, most amazing female I have ever met in my life”

Admittedly when he said it to me on Skype, I giggled a little, but he is honestly such an amazing and integral part of my life that the sentiment reflected back at me did bring me to tears…on the inside. Hey, what can I say…I don’t like to cry. But he has seen me in my good times and bad. He’s seen me at my most angelic and demonic. My bitchiest and my most dramatic. And he’s still around. So somewhere along the way, I impressed him enough to stand by me and tell me that I am the best, most amazing female he’s ever seen.

THAT’S A FUCKIN HUGE ACCOMPLISHMENT.  I will never forget it. It brings me out of the doom and gloom of my present situation. I’ve got a huge smile on my face re-reading that quote and I feel amazing to know that I’ve made an impact on somebody else’s life.

It’s hard to go through life without leaving an impact somewhere, I know. But when somebody TELLS you, it just makes things more tangible and real, you know? Like seeing the ripples made by throwing a stone in water for the first time.

I’ll link him to this. If he reads it while we’re talking, I’ll probably be blushing like mad. But you know what, he is an amazing friend and I could never ask for anything different. If we had to do it all again, I would.

So cheers to you, my amazing male and fellow insomniac! XOXOXOXOXOXOXO I LOVE YOU SO.


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