Playing Ketchup

Catch up, that is. Hehehe I’m so punny.

FIRST AND FOREMOST A HUGE APOLOGY for my sympathizer of “playingthehandiwasdealt” – though we have only just discovered one another, I can just tell that you and I are going to become such good friends. The apology part is that I have read EVERYTHING you wrote to me, but haven’t had the time to respond properly. I’m getting there…is just frustrating with all the squinting and my laziness kicks in and I put the computer back to sleep and walk away without posting anything. BUT I HAVE READ ALL THE ADVICE AND QUESTIONS, and I am going to answer you asap ā¤

Other than that note, I wanted to tell you all that I’m going to try my best to finish up the Blog everyday posts. Honestly, the motivating factor right now is the +$5 I’ll get on my Project No Buy spending bank over at Nail Sparks if I finish up by next Sunday. No joke. I’m easy to please…

Also, I called up my eye doctor and confirmed that I am in the clear to go back to proper exercising. I’m sure I always was and it was just an excuse to postpone things but now that she said so, I really have no excuse. JUMP ROPE, HERE I COME.Ā 

Today, I took the yoga mat out of it’s packaging for the first time. I’m so damn proud of myself.


6 thoughts on “Playing Ketchup

  1. Haha! I thought you were sick of my unsolicited advice! I’ve been back a couple times to see how your eye was doing, but didn’t see any posts and then found this! No worries and thanks for the apology (not necessary). You are so young and not sick (aside from having KC), so I presumed you had an exciting life and were the busy-type. Oh, I remember those days. šŸ™‚
    Sounds like your eye is doing well and I just got more awful news on 1 of mine this week! Grrrr.
    Keep in touch when you can,

    • I just recently commented on your latest blog post but Hello there! I’m certainly not sick of your advice, because it was helpful and gave me a much more realistic picture of what to expect before/after my own CXL operation.

      What’s going on with your journey? I read up on Moush Moush, but what’s this news about one of your eyes? šŸ˜¦

      • Oops, missed this comment. Well, we really don’t know and my corneal surgeon in LA got so sick of all the e-mails due to my idiotic corneal doc here dropping the ball that he’s out of the picture now. Thanks!!! The good news is I found a great optom (where was he this whole time?) who’s scratching his head at everything. He knows about Ehlers-Danlos (EDS) and I suspect it’s what’s caused most of the post-op issues, which I just said on my blog! He’s not fond of my corneal specialist here and gave me the name of another I never heard of–yippee! There really aren’t a lot of sub-specialists here so I’m not sure how I missed the doc he likes. Anyway, if everything stays stable, the scarring won’t be a huge deal, but he can’t get me to 20/20 with sclerals and the trial pair I have that we’re swapping out does’t help at night much or with reading small print, etc. The big picture is 1,000 x better, so thinking I shouldn’t complain and will hope pair #2 will be better and can just wear them as needed. Don’t even worry about my uber-rare side-effects, they fit right in with my EDS and I would be floored if you got any scarring as it normally occurs w/advanced KC.

  2. whoops it cut off part of my comment- I wrote that I’m going out soon so I’m dropping off a quick comment, going to help move things & go to UPS store >__< (should make sense now haha)

  3. Hello!! Yay new friend, congrats!! šŸ˜€ Good luck, you have amazing motivation __< will comment when I cannn!! Well, maybe another phone convo would be good if we can gets the time later this week??

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