It has been a LONG while. The bad news is that nothing has changed, vision-wise, since I blogged last. I am allowed to wear my contacts again but have been advised to limit myself to an as-needed basis just to make sure my left eye will qualify for corneal cross lining surgery in December. I could have the surgery earlier but it will interfere with school.


The more I think about it though, maybe I will get it earlier so that I am able to wear my contact lenses again by the time finals roll around. I think it will be more convenient to get it done in September or November and suffer a week of discomfort then rather than wait until December. I’m not very sure what to do. My 3 month post-op appointment is in the first week of September and everything will most likely be decided then.

But since it’s my birthday in HALF AN HOUR, I really wanted to post here. I thought it’d be a meaningful way to re-enter my blog and explain some things. The blogging bug has been hitting me hard recently and I’ve been wanting to blog more and more. Hopefully, my enthusiasm will last a little bit longer this time.

And I’ve just beenย SPOILED SILLY with birthday presents from my friends and family, so I love you all for that. Thank you so much ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m going to put up a post with some pictures and bragging shortly. Like after I cut my cake and have my little birthday dinner soiree tomorrow. It shall be fun!

I’m going to be 22. If anybody plays the Taylor Swift song, I’ll not speak to them. So watch out. Play me less overrated birthday songs instead ๐Ÿ™‚




3 thoughts on “Absence

  1. Happy Birthday!!! Oh, to be 22 again–what a year. I think I could be your teen mom. Boo hoo. Don’t get past 25; it’s all downhill from there. Haha.

    That sucks that you didn’t get any VA back. Hmmm. I got a lot back in my bad eye and not so much in my better eye, which is now flat (like farsighted w/o being able to see that way?). I hope you can get your other eye done sooner and just be done with it, too. December is pretty far off.
    Glad you’re blogging again and I don’t know any Taylor Swift (too old to care), so no worries here! Go out and party on your b-day girl… I was living in Mexico when I turned 22. Oh, the memories…
    A โค

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