Retraining My Eyes

Hallo there, this is going to be mostly an “eye” update!  Mixed in with a little bit of that pre-graduate school panic but mostly eye stuff.

I had corneal cross-linking on my right eye on June 6 of this year. My left eye can have the cross linking procedure done in a three-to-six month time frame after the first. This gives me a time window between September 6 – December 6.

I didn’t think that through very well and should have had the surgery for my first eye later in June or beginning of July. Because NOW I’m stuck in an awkward position of deciding whether I can wear contacts during the first few weeks of the semester or wait until the end of the semester. Actually, the fact that my semester doesn’t end until December 18 sort of makes my decision for me.

Turns out I need to have my surgery as soon as I can (Aka first week of September) so that my four weeks of contact lens prohibition post-op will end in time for me to focus on studying for finals and wearing my contacts when taking my finals.

This is annoying because every time I stop wearing my rigid gas permeable lenses (Aka hard contact lenses) for a while, they REALLY HURT like a bitch when I do start wearing them again. I was allowed to wear contacts again starting July 6 but I wasn’t going to work, so I didn’t start wearing them right away. My left eye’s cornea is barely thick enough to meet the minimum requirements for the trial I’m participating in. Wearing RGP lenses pushes against the cornea and does mean that it will read thinner when they test it, esp. if you’re wearing the lenses daily for long periods of time. Which I was doing, because glasses don’t fix my vision. Duh.

So I was allowed to conditionally wear contacts. But the problem NOW is that I start school on Monday and I need to be able to stand the contacts for at least the duration of class. Right now, I look awkward, blink, and keep putting in rewetting drops because my eyes are just having trouble coping. You feel the lenses every time you blink, and I forgot how uncomfortable that is because I was so used to them before my surgery.

SO LONG RANT/TANGENT ASIDE, I’m retraining my eyes, only to stop wearing contacts again, only to have to retrain my eyes again a month after my surgery. Goddamn hopefully by the beginning of October, this eye surgery process is behind me, and I can start wearing contacts daily on a more consistent basis.

I put my contacts on today at approximately 9PM. It’s 12:37AM as of this word and I am dyingggg. I used to wear them just fine from 8-9AM until going to bed at 1-2AM back when I was using them as my sole means of vision. Now I have to constantly switch between them and glasses (Which just royally SUCKS and is depressing each time. Voluntarily giving up 20/20 vision for the crappy 20/godknowswhat vision with all the blurryness and doubling and light sensitivity and inability to drive at night. Yeah, who wants that?) and even then, I avoid wearing contacts daily because I can’t wear them full-day for a month prior to the left eye’s surgery. I’ll be putting them on just for class because there’s no way in hell I’m going to school blind.

I just hate the parts where my contact lenses hurt me every time I blink and my eyes feel dry and itchy and scratchy and upset every time I wear them.  Please let the light at the end of the tunnel come soon.


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