The Socratic Method

I’ve got one more night until I’m in law school. WOAH. I’ve tried to accomplish a lot since my last post. Room’s organized, jewelry is organized, I went shopping, I figured out an outfit to wear, I’m all on track! I cleaned up the computer desk area, got my planner started, finished my reading assignment, took notes on the reading assignment, and helped somebody out with a Photoshop project. OH and also, I watched Season one of “Baby Daddy” (Hint: It’s awesome. I love Danny Wheeler and Ben Wheeler, the supposed star, really irritates me. The fact that the main female star likes him instead of Danny irritates me even more)

I wasn’t quite as accomplished in one night as Birdman and his friends in that video are…BUT I think I did my fair share LOL. Also on today’s agenda was painting my nails (I left my hands the same color – Miss Bliss, a pink holographic shade by Color Club) and am going to paint my toenails something shortly. Probably a purple of some sort, since I abhor pink in general. Miss Bliss only stayed because it’s holographic and looks good on my skintone)

I also got a haircut (Didn’t really touch the length beyond trimming 1-2 inches off so they look healthier. Re-cut to have my side swept bangs look like bangs and not just a short layer to try to frame my face or something. Got my arms and face waxed (Upper lips yay).

Oh my gosh, I plan to shower and be in bed by 10PM at the latest. Then I’ll wake up by 7 and be on campus, parked and ready to go, by 8:30. Tomorrow’s agenda is orientation, first Introduction to Law class, and then errands around campus. Namely, I have to submit my immunization records and make sure they’ve received my official undergraduate transcript from NYU.


It’s a style of teaching that first year law students FEAR before starting school. Professors call on students at random to answer their questions rather than waiting for a volunteer, that’s all. But it requires a certain level of paying attention and being prepared so you aren’t caught like a deer in the headlights not knowing the answer or not even realizing you’ve been called. You can’t go to sleep in the back of a lecture (I mean you can, but if you’re called, it’ll be rather embarrassing)

I’ve just gotta make sure I’ve got my readings done at all times 🙂


6 thoughts on “The Socratic Method

  1. ( I tried to comment on your eye post but it didn’t post for some reason! But aahh sounds so painful, just hang in there, it will def be okay!!!)

    Hey, how do you hate pink anyway? Your blog has so much pink in it >__< xD

    hey but I've heard of that. You must have told me that actually, when profs do that. Hmm.. so stressful.. do they mark you down if you get it wrong or it's just class participation?

    And yay more banners!

    • I guess pink is okay but as far as things like nails and outfit choices go, I usually go for the blue-green spectrum and avoid pinks/reds 😛 I like coral though, and oranges and like everything else. Just red and pink makes me a bit iffy

      It’s so painful, in class today I kept having to put drops in as inconspicously as I could. I also DID get cold-called (Aka socratic method) but I survived alright.

      Class participation honestly doesn’t matter. You take one final and that’s it. In this intro class though, it’s just pass/fail and we have 5 writing assignments. As long as I do everything and don’t sound like I didn’t do the readings when I get called, I’m fine.

      • hmmm I never really understand why people hate colors (unless it reminds them of something traumatic) because they’re all sorta the same to me. Pink looks really good on you though (as does red as I said when you wore the blazer!!) so I dunno, as far as fashion you look really good in it.

        ahh well at least you got through it!! so congrats on that! Did you meet anyone interesting in orientation/class?

      • Yep! My first friend in law school ever LOL. I call him Frenchie b/c he’s from Paris and that’s what he texted me when we exchanged #s. Sat next to each other in orientation and were in same section so naturally, stuck together the rest of the day. Also he was at StJ for undergrad so he’s useful. I didn’t get lost even once today!

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