Law Movies Are So Much Cooler Now!

My blog, by virtue of being the only diary I keep, tends to obsess over a subject as much as I do. Right now, that subject is the law. The law is awesome. The manner in which it is taught in law school is pretty awesome too.

They really instill a ton of basic skills into us early on. The need to proofread is not optional like it was in Undergrad. You can’t just half-assedly skim and submit. Here, even a misplaced comma means that the teacher will take notice of you as performing below average. You need to do the readings every single day, and you need to brief every single court case. You need to learn how to only ask questions that make you sound smart, and be prepared to answer hypotheticals and questions in response to flesh out your own question and turn it into something you can answer by yourself. It’s pretty cool that way. 

I see the need to be on time, not to speak out of turn, to write concisely, and to pick out the nuances between each word. Our legal dictionary is currently our Bible. When we read a court case, we have to look up pretty much every fourth word in it. And if we don’t and she asks us, we can’t BS an answer and get an E for Effort. You need to confess that you don’t know, and hope that the next time you are called, you do.

I just like the discipline a lot. It certainly makes you more meticulous in everything you do and that’s important because it matters. You have to conduct yourself professionally in the classroom. If, while speaking or answering a question, we use “like” or “u,m” we will get called out on it. A girl was attempting to flesh out the procedural posture of one of the cases we had to brief for today’s class and used “like” while speaking (Even I am guilty of throwing likes and ums when speaking. It’s a bad habit that I didn’t pay a private or prep school to have removed) but in school, you would rather compose your thought quietly for a few seconds than make a mistake or misuse a legal term.

In other news, I have to write my first memorandum over the weekend. Woo, fun. I took today off to clear my head (Did I mention that already?) but starting tomorrow, I’m on it! Hopefully I can finish it tomorrow night and spend the weekend doing my readings for the week. I already did the readings due Monday last night because I finished my case briefs by midnight, and had an extra hour or so before I would feel sleepy.

OH MY GOD. what kind of studious non-procrastinating person has four days in law school turned me into!?!?!?  On a more serious note, one more little clip

^ That’s from Philadelphia, which is actually a REALLY cool movie! Someday, I may watch it in full, but this is the clip our teacher shared with us during one of our breaks yesterday. There’s another clip from the same movie that I will share later.


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