Homework – 1L Week Two


Pretty boring. I’m no good at updating and keeping paper planners but putting up my homework for the week on WordPress is something I have been doing for a while 🙂 Instead of breaking up assignments by day, I’m going to break them up by subject I think. And if I don’t like that, I’ll switch back to day.

This is a pretty typical weekly schedule. In fact, it’s on the lighter side because Legal Writing hasn’t started giving out any official graded assignments yet. So…if you really wanna go to law school, make sure you can do the work! Cuz there’s a hell of a lot of it.

Note: § – denotes “section”

[ ] Class does not begin until September 13

[X] Tuesday: pp 59-92 (Casebook); Marshall v. Marshall; Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (RP) 28 U.S.C. §§ 1332, 1335; Fed.R.Civ.P. 22
[ ] Thursday: pp 93-123 (Casebook); RP 28 U.S.C. § 1331, 2201

[X] Monday: Casebook pp. 40-64
[ ] Wednesday: pp. 64-76

[X] Monday: No class; Practice Analysis #2 due @ 10AM Tuesday
[X] Wednesday: Bring hard copy of Analysis; Neumann pp 37-42, 53-60, 117-125; Just Writing Ch. 9

[X] Tuesday: Trespass and Conversion pp 68-70, 81-91 (2 cases + reading)
[ ] Thursday: Defenses pp 92-132 (10 cases + reading); from supplement – Penal L. §§ 35.05, .10, .15, .20, .25; Public Health L. §§ 3000-a; Miglino v. Bally Total Fitness of Greater New York, Inc., Gen. Bus. L. §§ 218


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