Homework – 1L Week Six


[X] Handbook pp 67-74
[X] Submit your completed resume on TWEN

[ ] Tuesday: pp 423-457, RP – 28 U.S.C. § 2072
[ ] Thursday: pp 458-489,

[ ] Monday: pp 188-205
[ ] Wednesday: pp. 211-218, 218-234

[X] Monday: Neumann pp. 193-196
[ ] Friday: Assignment II due on TWEN @ 4PM – Have extension until Monday afternoon because of cross-linking procedure

[ ] Thursday: pp 342-365, Wagner v. International Raceway
[Will not be in class, so get notes]

My very first client letter…

Next up is going to be a Lil Wayne song, but I’m in the mood for something less vulgar and more mellow right now as I’m writing my first ever client letter. This is From Time off of Drake’s newly released album, Nothing Was The Same.

Can you believe how amazing the month of September has been? Drake and The Weeknd (OVO & XO!) released new albums and Lil Wayne put out a new mixtape (Dedication 5). And then the cherry on top – the first track on Dedication 5 is Lil Wayne ft. The Weeknd. So much perfection going on in my musical life right now.

Anyway though, I have a client letter due Friday by 4PM. You know, it’s hard to explain to somebody in 900 words or less that they can’t get their money back because they made a stupid decision and didn’t act reasonably. And that the law considers them “sophisticated” consumers. Much harder than you would think to “dumb down” the legal jargon that’s been stuffed into our heads the past few weeks.

But all the while, I can’t guarantee anything in the letter and I can’t have any bias either (Because personally, I feel as though they should recover damages. But our Professor found other things relevant that I didn’t think mattered as much, and I have to structure my argument according to her wishes. It’s just one of those classes)

It’s going to be another 10% of our grade for Legal Writing. I got an 8/10 from the first assignment. 11 people did better, 18 people had the same grade, and the rest (20 or so?) did worse. Sadly, I am only slightly above average, and want to get at least an 8.5/9 on this letter.

Kay done procrastinating. It’s 5AM. Gonna do what I can till 6, then sleep till ~11, finish up, submit, and DONE.

After that, I have a movie date ^.^ Followed by countless hours of midterm preparation and homework due next week. But still. MOVIE DATE.

If I don’t take immense pleasure in the small things, law school may drive me insane.

Homework – 1L Week Five



[X] Handbook pp 48-64, 86
[ ] Upload resume to TWEN by Monday September 30

[ ] Tuesday: pp 326-369
[ ] Thursday: pp 308-315, 371-422. RP 28 U.S.C. §§ 1391-92, 1404, 1406

[X] Monday: —
[ ] Wednesday: Casebook pp. 147-161; 166-175; 180-181

[X] Monday: Neumann pp. 143-147, Just Writing Ch. 2, 3
[ ] Friday: Assignment II due by 4PM on TWEN

[ ] Tuesday: Casebook pp 238-42, 243-49, 252-63, Corcoran v. Banner Super Market
[ ] Thursday: Casebook pp 268-72, 276-84, 291-302, 304-07, 310-330, PJI 2:70

I wanna know you better

I’ve loved Omarion since “Ice Box” – there was a really great choreographed routine to Ice Box on America’s Best Dance Crew one year, but that’s tangential.

I like prefacing my posts with a song I’m listening to, so I think I’m going to do it more often 🙂 This is a song I’m loving today – It’s been on loop the past hour while I was studying.

This song above (I really do hope you clicked play for the duration of reading this post!) is a pretty cool look into the basics of getting to know a stranger a little better! One of the less trashy new songs out there because the few times Omarion makes sexual innuendos, he laughs them off and says just playing. in the song. I mean obviously he’s not, but it’s still a more subtle explicitness, and because of that, it’s hotter than overt dirty lyrics could ever be.

Let’s start with the basics, your in seam, what your waist is
Nail color, shoe size, what designer’s your favorite?

I never knew asking somebody what their shoe size was was a ‘basic’ but apparently, Pusha T thinks so! This is from his verse lol. It’s funny because I was just asked my shoe size on OKCupid the other day and I was like “wow that’s such an innovative first question to ask me, nobody’s ever done that before” BUT I GUESS I WAS WRONG. Oh well.

It’s a 7.5 🙂

Tell me what’s your name, tell me, tell what’s your sign
Tell me what you into, tell me, tell what you like
If you was rich tomorrow tell me what would you do with it?
And if you could see the future, baby do you see me in it?
Would you date me for a minute, girl before you let me hit it?
Are you single? Are you taken? Working towards your education?

God I love Omarion, you really have to listen to his voice. I would tell him anything he asked me if he sang to me SO BEAUTIFULLY LIKE THAT. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ So much love.

Brief moment of fangirl’ing aside, these are some deeper questions you’d ask when you were trying to get to know somebody better. If he or she is going to be in your life, you want to know these things. You want to know where his or her head’s at.

Smoke? Drink? None of the above?
Fuck? Make love? Do you have kids? How many? And if you do, can I be their baby daddy? (LOL just playing, unless you’ll let me)

^ I paraphrased the song there

So take a few minutes today and make sure you can answer all these basics about the important people in your life 🙂 Whether this is close friends, a spouse, a significant other, OR A PET.

Just try to know one person better.


OVOXO was a Canadian based crew that includes Drake (OVO, or October’s Very Own) and The Weeknd (XO, which sadly stands for Ecstasy and Oxycodone. I prefer to think of hugs and kisses instead) – both who are now independently pretty famous. SADLY one more than the other, but I’m a fan of them both. I saw Drake live in concert with Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne last year towards the end of the summer, and since then, I’ve also seen The Weeknd live. (HE’S AMAZING. SO SO AMAZING. I saw him during my last semester at NYU towards the end of last year)

I love them both and this was a truly happy month for me, because both released new albums 🙂

So far I am loving Kiss Land, which is the album The Weeknd came out with last week. I’m also planning to go see him live again during his Kiss Land tour – he’ll be in NY October 7th and 8th @ Radio City Music Hall. The last time I saw him, it was a much smaller venue and it was before he blew up this big. In fact, it was before he even released Trilogy – he was singing just off the individual mixtapes he had put out before he combined them under Trilogy and released them as a 3CD album.

The tickets are like $70 but I’ve been doing freelance paralegal work (Like on a case by case basis when I have time) to save up the money to make the money, so I’m good. I’m waiting in the hope somebody I know will go with me because it’s kinda weird to go alone to a concert as a girl, BUT I love Abel (The Weeknd) so much that I sort of want to go anyway. I’ll probably buy the tix wednesday or thursday night, we shall see. Fingers crossed.

Click below to check out their albums 🙂 These are Nothing Was The Same by Drake & Kiss Land by The Weeknd. And I’m a very happy camper.

drake nothing was the same cover Drake   Nothing Was The Same (Full Album Stream) Kiss Land Album

Homework – 1L Week Four


CAREER DEVELOPMENT [Monday @ 1:30-3:30?)
[X] Handbook pp 4-12, 27-32, 41-47
[X] Complete DISC assessment online – http://www.tonyrobbins.com/ue/disc-profile.php
[X] Upload assessment to TWEN assignment dropbox. Only visible by yourself and your counselor

[X] Tuesday: pp 198-241
[ ] Thursday: pp 242-261, 265-77, 278-304, 305-07

[X] Monday: pp 116-126, Review
[X] Wednesday: pp 126-137, 147-161

[X] Neumann pp 85-99, 189-196
[X] Just Writing Ch. 4, 5

[X] Tuesday: 150-174; Pattern Jury Instructions (PJI) 2:12
[ ] Thursday: Negligence by Professionals: 174-83, 187-97, 203-08 PLUS Brown v. Shyne, CPLR § 4504(d), Chase Scientific Research, Inc. v. NIA Group, Inc. (Materials from supplement)

New Good Music!

Right now, I am really loving songs that Miguel features in. He just croons on the track and makes it so much better!!!

&&&& then some throwbacks!

My brother linked me to this one lately and I fell in love with it all over again/wished the old days would come back!

The song that made Miguel an amazing recording artist in my eyes!


Homework – 1L Week Three


Note: § – denotes “section”

[X] Add course to TWEN
[ ] Attend Family/Matrimonial session @ 1PM
[ ] Attend Intellectual Property session @ 2:15PM

[X] Tuesday: pp 124-147, 148-157; RP 28 §§ 1367, 1441-46 (3 cases + reading)
[X] Wednesday: pp 158-175 (makeup class from 4pm-6pm) (5 cases)
[X] Thursday: pp 176-197

[X] Monday: pp 78-86, 89-100
[X] Wednesday: pp 100-115; Review
[ ] Extra: Begin typing up notes to date & creating outline

[X] Monday: Neumann pp 127-136; Just Writing Ch. 6
[X] Practice Analysis 3 due on TWEN by 10AM
[X] Wednesday: Review Practice Analysis 3
[ ] Assignment 1 due on TWEN by 4PM FRIDAY

[X] Tuesday: Negligence Generally pp 133-143, 145-50
[ ] Thursday: 150-174; Pattern Jury Instructions (PJI) 2:12