OVOXO was a Canadian based crew that includes Drake (OVO, or October’s Very Own) and The Weeknd (XO, which sadly stands for Ecstasy and Oxycodone. I prefer to think of hugs and kisses instead) – both who are now independently pretty famous. SADLY one more than the other, but I’m a fan of them both. I saw Drake live in concert with Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne last year towards the end of the summer, and since then, I’ve also seen The Weeknd live. (HE’S AMAZING. SO SO AMAZING. I saw him during my last semester at NYU towards the end of last year)

I love them both and this was a truly happy month for me, because both released new albums 🙂

So far I am loving Kiss Land, which is the album The Weeknd came out with last week. I’m also planning to go see him live again during his Kiss Land tour – he’ll be in NY October 7th and 8th @ Radio City Music Hall. The last time I saw him, it was a much smaller venue and it was before he blew up this big. In fact, it was before he even released Trilogy – he was singing just off the individual mixtapes he had put out before he combined them under Trilogy and released them as a 3CD album.

The tickets are like $70 but I’ve been doing freelance paralegal work (Like on a case by case basis when I have time) to save up the money to make the money, so I’m good. I’m waiting in the hope somebody I know will go with me because it’s kinda weird to go alone to a concert as a girl, BUT I love Abel (The Weeknd) so much that I sort of want to go anyway. I’ll probably buy the tix wednesday or thursday night, we shall see. Fingers crossed.

Click below to check out their albums 🙂 These are Nothing Was The Same by Drake & Kiss Land by The Weeknd. And I’m a very happy camper.

drake nothing was the same cover Drake   Nothing Was The Same (Full Album Stream) Kiss Land Album


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