I wanna know you better

I’ve loved Omarion since “Ice Box” – there was a really great choreographed routine to Ice Box on America’s Best Dance Crew one year, but that’s tangential.

I like prefacing my posts with a song I’m listening to, so I think I’m going to do it more often 🙂 This is a song I’m loving today – It’s been on loop the past hour while I was studying.

This song above (I really do hope you clicked play for the duration of reading this post!) is a pretty cool look into the basics of getting to know a stranger a little better! One of the less trashy new songs out there because the few times Omarion makes sexual innuendos, he laughs them off and says just playing. in the song. I mean obviously he’s not, but it’s still a more subtle explicitness, and because of that, it’s hotter than overt dirty lyrics could ever be.

Let’s start with the basics, your in seam, what your waist is
Nail color, shoe size, what designer’s your favorite?

I never knew asking somebody what their shoe size was was a ‘basic’ but apparently, Pusha T thinks so! This is from his verse lol. It’s funny because I was just asked my shoe size on OKCupid the other day and I was like “wow that’s such an innovative first question to ask me, nobody’s ever done that before” BUT I GUESS I WAS WRONG. Oh well.

It’s a 7.5 🙂

Tell me what’s your name, tell me, tell what’s your sign
Tell me what you into, tell me, tell what you like
If you was rich tomorrow tell me what would you do with it?
And if you could see the future, baby do you see me in it?
Would you date me for a minute, girl before you let me hit it?
Are you single? Are you taken? Working towards your education?

God I love Omarion, you really have to listen to his voice. I would tell him anything he asked me if he sang to me SO BEAUTIFULLY LIKE THAT. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ So much love.

Brief moment of fangirl’ing aside, these are some deeper questions you’d ask when you were trying to get to know somebody better. If he or she is going to be in your life, you want to know these things. You want to know where his or her head’s at.

Smoke? Drink? None of the above?
Fuck? Make love? Do you have kids? How many? And if you do, can I be their baby daddy? (LOL just playing, unless you’ll let me)

^ I paraphrased the song there

So take a few minutes today and make sure you can answer all these basics about the important people in your life 🙂 Whether this is close friends, a spouse, a significant other, OR A PET.

Just try to know one person better.


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