My very first client letter…

Next up is going to be a Lil Wayne song, but I’m in the mood for something less vulgar and more mellow right now as I’m writing my first ever client letter. This is From Time off of Drake’s newly released album, Nothing Was The Same.

Can you believe how amazing the month of September has been? Drake and The Weeknd (OVO & XO!) released new albums and Lil Wayne put out a new mixtape (Dedication 5). And then the cherry on top – the first track on Dedication 5 is Lil Wayne ft. The Weeknd. So much perfection going on in my musical life right now.

Anyway though, I have a client letter due Friday by 4PM. You know, it’s hard to explain to somebody in 900 words or less that they can’t get their money back because they made a stupid decision and didn’t act reasonably. And that the law considers them “sophisticated” consumers. Much harder than you would think to “dumb down” the legal jargon that’s been stuffed into our heads the past few weeks.

But all the while, I can’t guarantee anything in the letter and I can’t have any bias either (Because personally, I feel as though they should recover damages. But our Professor found other things relevant that I didn’t think mattered as much, and I have to structure my argument according to her wishes. It’s just one of those classes)

It’s going to be another 10% of our grade for Legal Writing. I got an 8/10 from the first assignment. 11 people did better, 18 people had the same grade, and the rest (20 or so?) did worse. Sadly, I am only slightly above average, and want to get at least an 8.5/9 on this letter.

Kay done procrastinating. It’s 5AM. Gonna do what I can till 6, then sleep till ~11, finish up, submit, and DONE.

After that, I have a movie date ^.^ Followed by countless hours of midterm preparation and homework due next week. But still. MOVIE DATE.

If I don’t take immense pleasure in the small things, law school may drive me insane.


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