Cross Linking 2.0 Today!

But hey, I ain’t got no worries. Listen to this song. SO AWESOME AND UPLIFTING AND SMOOTH AND GOOD AND CHILL AND FANTASTIC. I love it.  Especially Chris Brown’s chorus/voice.

Come on, let’s toasting the champagne, this one’s for the life
Did everything you could to be here for the night
Man it feels good, everything is right
Energy is strong enough to brighten city lights
My whole team winning, no vision on quitting
I rather say I did than let them busters say I didn’t
Let ’em talk about it mane, I’m already living
I risk my life to try everyday to go and get it

Just in case you guys don’t listen to or like this awesome song, I wrote the chorus up above.

UNFORTUNATELY, my night didn’t consist of toasting champagne, but I spent an enjoyable evening working on Legal Writing homework and preparing cases for Civil Procedure tomorrow morning. *scoff* I mean, that’s what I did, BUT IT’S AIIGHT because in some sick twisted way, I had fun. And I have no vision on quittin 🙂 Everything’s right, everything feels good, and this song is just such perfection right now.

I have corneal cross linking on my left eye (It was my right eye over the summer) tomorrow. The thing I’m looking forward to the most is being refitted for hard RGP contacts again in about a month and going back to having 20/20 vision!! CANNOT WAIT.

My right eye is now completely the same as it was pre-operation. No more cloudyness, no more blurryness. In fact, during my 3 month post-op checkup, my doctor told me that things look more flat than before (Remember kerataconus means my cornea has distortions and a conical protrusion instead of the normal spherical and symmetrical shape it should be)

So yeah. everything is good. I’m so hyped up on Sweet Serenade right now that sharing it with you all is basically the reason I posted. I was racking my brain like…what can I possibly write about. So just thought a quick update would come in handy right now since I remember post-op last time, my posting activity here went down pretty drastically.

Just in case anybody reads this, knows me, and is wondering – it’s at 2PM tomorrow 🙂


2 thoughts on “Cross Linking 2.0 Today!

  1. Hey P,
    I’m glad your 1st eye went well! Yay! I have scars in both corneas now, but it’s most likely due to EDS–the genetic disease that caused the KC as I get weird, scarring issues with that. Ugh. I’d have been super screwed and probably blind from transplants, so I’m trying to not complain. Much success with the 2nd eye you already had done, and I managed to make it over here tonight! Aren’t you glad CXL is around right when you need it? It’d be nice if it weren’t in trials and insurance covered, but I think we both lucked out. 🙂
    Hugs, A

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