`You know you’re in law school when –

The gif above links to the blog where I got it, which is awesome and so relate-able to my life right now. The reasonable person is so annoying. I swear some of the definitions we’ve learned are like “If a reasonable employer has reason to believe that a reasonable employee acting reasonably under the circumstances was reasonably upset by intolerable working conditions, and other reasonable persons in the employee’s position would react similarly under these circumstances, then a reasonable…..”

Clearly this is exaggerated, but honestly, not by that much

What is most terrible about being in law school right now is how less I see pretty much everybody else. Except my parents because I’m still living with them. 😦 The only people I see are the ones I study with. Because my “law school friends” (Who are, at this point, just my friends really) are the only ones I can see anymore.

I am at school at 8:45AM most days. On Mondays, I start at 11, and on Wednesdays I alternate between 9AM and 10AM. I hang out with the same group of 4-9 of us. Usually, I’m with them until anywhere from 1PM to 9PM. I mean I’m with them every minute during these time slots. You see unlike in high school and college, I am with the same group of ~70 people (Section C!) for every single class this entire year. Yes, next semester too.

So what is my life right now? I get this twitch in my eye sometimes from lack of sleep or caffeine overdose, probably both. I drink at least 2-3 coffees a day. Because I need them to stay up, not because I’m thirsty or craving the taste. In undergrad, even during finals, it was bad when I got coffee more than 2-3 times in a WEEK. Now that’s become my daily intake. UGH SO DISGUSTED AT SELF.

I spend a lot of time in the law school library or cafeteria. If we’re doing individual studying we go to the library. If we’re eating while studying or if we need to do more of a group study session, we stay in the cafeteria. If we have a break between our last class and some “optional” diversity or networking event later in the afternoon, we study.

Also, my shower & workout routine is a mess. I shower sometimes at night, sometimes in the morning, sometimes to wake myself up. I definitely don’t wash my hair every day or even every other day because that’s what free time is for, and who has that? I do, however, use dry shampoo if I’m going more than 2nd day hair.

I have flashcards EVERYWHERE. I just finished studying a set for my torts midterm last week. SPEAKING OF MIDTERMS, I got a 124 out of 195 and I was damned proud of it. Because the highest grade was a 136 and the lowest was 75.

So not looking forward to civil procedure midterm on Wednesday. Probably why I took the time to go buy a large DD iced coffee and type this up before going back to my Civil Procedure Flashcards (and supplemental outlines and class notes and study guides and review books given to us by bar prep courses)


4 thoughts on “`You know you’re in law school when –

  1. Aww. I mean, law school is really tough 😦 I remember having those thoughts and that was just in undergrad science- just not even actually having time to shower or eat because there’s just too much studying to do… good job with your score, it sounds like you’re doing very well. Hang in there and good luck on your midterms!!!

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