Oh yeah, I own a blog!

Well, I suck for not penning my thoughts down more often. To be honest, the last few weeks have just been a whirl. I had finals, then I spent the short little winter break I had (Only 3 weeks instead of nearly 1.5 months like it used to be in undergrad, doesn’t that just suck!) basically catching up on the social life I didn’t have during the semester.

I think I caught a bit of a boy fever when law school started. What an inopportune time, right? I was infected by a friend’s contagious excitement at being in a relationship. I rejoined Okcupid, and I went on several dates. I thought I liked somebody…didn’t really much pan out.

So here I am, one semester into law school, and back at square one. Love life wise, at least. I’ve progressed greatly in other aspects of life. Such as you know, learning a TON about contracts and torts. Making great solid friendships. Learning that sometimes, friends drift away, even the ones you thought would be there by your side on your deathbed. 

I learned also that although I would much prefer having somebody to cuddle at night, that’s not necessarily what I need. For now, I’ll just have to be content with the friends I’ve got. They’re fun, they make plans with me, and I see them often. They try their bestest to be around. They make me laugh and I am comfortable. 

They give me Secret Santa presents that make me cry because they’re so thoughtful! They make Christmas and New Years Eve wonderful. They make me excited for my birthday!! 

So yeah. One semester of law school is done. In retrospect, it was the time of my life. It was hard work, tons of it, and it was sweet moments that were worth the while. Like that time we got Kiran new noodles because hers tasted funky, and the time we went out in the city after finals ended and learned there is a level of drunkenness called Brandon-drunk. And it is a level I never want to reach.

It was fun revelations, like discovering a friend’s friend is friends with a long-lost friend. 

It was preparing for an upcoming wedding and being SO excited and finding her the perfect presents. The perfect outfit. The perfect color of paint on the wall.

It was a lot of Thai food and Nanking and Jackson Diner THREE DAYS IN A ROW!

It was a great year, 2013.