ALL GROWN UP – A Wishlist

I’ll probably move this to it’s own page later.
Just a list of random things I’m looking to get in preparation for my post-graduate journey into an actual career in the legal field.

2. A DARK BLUE SKIRTSUIT – Would you believe me if I told you I haven’t found one I like since I started searching a year and a half ago!? I’ll find a skirt, but not a matching coat, or vice versa. Or they’re like $200 each and I’m not making any money yet….Anyway, the search continues. Time to check out Ann Taylor and The Limited.

3. BLACK BOOTS – Ideally, these boots will (1) be leather or suede, (2) have some treads on the bottom for traction in this stupid winter weather and (3) fit underneath black suit pants so I can wear them to Court in the winter instead of wearing my black pumps.

4. NUDE PUMPS – I already have black pumps, but need nude pumps. No more than a 2 – 2.5 inch heel so they’re comfortable for commuting to the Court, standing all day, and commuting back home.

5. BLACK PEA COAT – Again, something professional looking. I have one from freshmean year of college but it’s a little tight now and has shiny buttons. Preferably not something I’m wearing to Court.

6. MORE PENCIL SKIRTS – Not just in black, but in dark greys, blues, and other work-appropriate colors as well.

7. KNEE LENGTH DRESSES – Simple and minimalist are the key words here. Neutral colors, nothing over the top, and it has to hit the knee.

9. NETBOOK/TABLET – These are pretty much in order of importance, and this one’s not too important. But if I can buy a netbook or a tablet (something sleek that still retains functionality) and a case that incorporates a keyboard, my options for black handbags open up and I have something much more portable and convenient to carry to Court with me. Preferably not an iPad, but we’ll see.

Sony Xperia Z2 or Z3

Samsung Galaxy Tab S, 10.5 inch


Google Nexus 9

Microsoft Surface Pro 2 or 3


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