You [Cheesiness Alert]

I wrote this for the BF on our last “monthiversary” and I think I like it enough to share here. So like..enjoy and stuff. I warn you it’s cheesy as hell though.

I trip over an unseen crack in the sidewalk,
But I don’t worry, because you’re there.
You’re there, with your hand at my elbow
Steadying me, and I do not fall.

I take off my clothes and reveal myself to you
But I don’t worry, because you’re fair.
You’re fair and you think I’m beautiful,
Flattering me and I do not blush.

I walk into a room full of strangers,
But I don’t worry because you’re there.
You’re there and you tell me I’m strong,
Boosting me and suddenly, I am confident.

I have bad days or bad moods,
But I don’t worry because you’re still fair.
You’re fair, you talk to me until I feel better, cracking jokes that
Drain my anger away, and suddenly, I am okay again.

I fall sick, and I stay in bed,
But I don’t worry, because you care.
You care when you bring me my favorite soup – chicken pho
With the extra bean sprouts, and I feel healed in body and spirit.

You’re there, you’re fair, you care.
You make my world a better place,
And my life a happier one.
You are my adventure, and you are my companion.