Pryanka Arora. 20. New York City

Name: Pryanka
Age: 20
Sex: Female. Durrrr.

Hi! My name is Pryanka (haha for the third time), and I’m currently a Junior in New York University! I commute from home, bitch about it all the time, and study English and Political Science. In addition to all that fun stuff, I’m also pursuing a minor in Creative Writing. I hope to graduate Fall 2012. Almost there, wish me luck!

I’m shy in a huge crowd at first, but pretty outspoken once I acclimate. I love debate, I love graphic design, and I love to write.

I’ve recently developed a huge nail polish obsession, so the link to Nail Spark* in my top menu leads to another subsidiary wordpress blog wholly dedicated to Nail Art. Mostly OPI.

If you want to send me any polishes for review, feel free to contact me and ask for further details! My e-mail address is prysmatique@live.com

7 thoughts on “About

  1. your eye makeup in the picture…. 😐 or wait are those dark circles πŸ˜‰
    So for the past two days every time I open the wordpress reader your blog seems to be popping out! so I might as well find out what the buzz is about πŸ˜€

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