DragCave Matchups


 Goldboy CB: CB Gold Male, needs CB female, idk what breed

 KT’s Golden Boy: 2G, needs 2G Stone female from Gold x Stone pair

 Icymane: CB Male, Needs CB female mate (no breed decided yet)

Silverslate: 4G Female Silver, lineage

Rosette Silv: 2G Female Silver, Needs 2G Male Daydream mate from Silver Female x Daydream Male mates, lineage

Pastel Threads: Needs 3EG female silver from Male Xeno x Female Silver checker

Menolly Seaspray: Needs 4EG Copper from Blusang x Copper lineage (Failed influence, so we’ll have to see what the lineage looks like)

 Orange Ire: 2G Pyralsprite, needs 2G PB pyro of different color, because variety is the spice of life LOL

 Lunargold 3G: Lunar Herald M, EG/3G, Needs EG/3G Chrono Xenowyrm

Silvered Luna: CB, needs CB male mate

Snow Prowl: Stairstep lineage, needs CB Female

Gilded Wreath: Needs M CB Tsunami Wyvern (the one I have refused her)

 Hollygirl: CB Female, needs CB Male mate, idk which one yet

Hollybae: CB Female, needs CB Male mate, idk which one yet

  Merry Stag: CB Yulebuck, needs CB mate of some kind

 Sir Valenteen: 2G Sweetling, Needs 2G White Female from Sweetling M x White F dragons, lineage

Sir Sweets: 2G Sweetling, Needs CB White Female mate, lineage

Pink Sparkla/Pink Glitta: Even/4G Pink, Needs Even/4G mate from pinks and sweetlings or alt sweetlings, lineage

The Thunder OneCB Thunder Dragon, needs CB mate (Maybe a Xeno?)

Cavern Mage: CB Magi Dragon, needs CB Red mate (Incubator dragon)

Ulysseus 3G: 3G/EG M Waterhorse, needs 3G/EG mate

Anoox 2G: 2G/EG F Waterhorse, needs 2G/EG mate

Aquus 2G: 2G/EG F Waterhorse, needs 2G/EG mate

 Ceto CB: CB F Waterhorse, needs CB mate

 Amphitrite CB: CB F Waterhorse, needs CB mate

 Brizo CB: CB F Waterhorse, needs CB mate




  Pink Shimma x Pink Glimma, progeny

 A Dorkface Thuwed x Xabihn Thuwed

Glowymane x Glowytail: potential children

 Frostymane x Frostshaker: potential children

Non Plussed x Z’Tranqulity

 Sweetling Blush x EGG

 Calabazoo x Pumpkin Pot: 2G; Only breed during harvest season]

 Sea Monstah x Loch Monstah: CB Pair

 Cavern Sorcerer x Cavern Sorceress: CB Pair

 Darkdom x Firedomme: CB Pair

Starsettled x Sunsettled: CB Pair

 The Songster x The Songstress: CB Pair

 Elegahn x Riseling: CB Pair

 Lounah x Heraldish: CB Lunar Heralds

 Artax Beaut x Flaming Beaut: CB Pair

Steadfast Stallion x Steadfast Mare: CB Pair

 Henry Cheval x Dutchess of Cheval: 2G Pair

 Stunning Stallion x Shiny Beaut: 2G Pair]

 Prince Cheval x (TBB): Needs female from Stunning Stallion x Shiny Beaut as 3G mate

Lotan CB x Charybdia CB: CB Waterhorse pair

Sobek CB x Anuket CB: CB Waterhorse pair

Ahti CB x Vellamo CB: CB Waterhorse pair, need male progeny to mate with Anoox 2G

Lotan 2G x Belisima 2G: 2G Waterhorse pair

Lotan 3G x Mystique 3G: 3G Waterhorse pair

 Daydream Third x Daydreamer the Third: Need female child from them to breed with Daydream the Fourth


Elemental Nights x Elemental Griffin: CB x 4G Stairstep Pair

Morningtide Essence x Morningtide Dew: stairstep lineage, only breed at night


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[b][color=green]I want to request a gift![/color][/b]
[b]Forum Name[/b]: Pryanka
[b]Scroll Name[/b]: Pryanka
[b]Scroll Link[/b]: https://dragcave.net/user/pryanka
[b]PM Link[/b]: https://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?act=Msg&CODE=4&MID=18753
[b]Today’s Date (for inactivity checks)[/b]: 2/2/2016
[b]Will you accept an inbred dragon?[/b]: No
[b]Will you accept a messy lineage?[/b]: No
[b]Dragon Breed [I]List[/I] to be placed on[/b]: Stone
[b](Optional) Any specific conditions that must be met?[/b] 2G Stone Egg, from Gold M x Stone F – mate for [url=https://dragcave.net/lineage/ipc8]this guy.[/url]
[b](Optional) Breeder requested:[/b] None