Thought Snippets, Potential Poetry Submission

 Monday Morning, a small poem; I wrote it with somebody in mind. But he doesn’t care for or appreciate me anyway, so we’ll just pretend it’s not intended for anybody and put it up on my livejournal anyway 🙂

This is just to say

I have taken
the love
that was in
your heart

and which
you were probably
for another

Forgive me
as it is precious
so refreshing
and so endearing

Sunday night, after a long and tiring day involving a lot of Spanish
"I fall asleep to the gentle patter of rain, to its soothing hum,
ascending and descending scales…beautious examples of refined nature.
I revel in their uniqueness and then I sleep." -Me

So I have a poetry submission due Thursday. Since all of my plans for tonight basically fell through for one reason or another, I’ll give the submission a shot. Even if it ends being emo and crappy and depressing, atleast its more creative….attempts to put on my LJ? I don’t know, if you guys haven’t noticed, I’m really bad at producing happy stories when I myself am annoyed or upset with the little problems in my life. Which could potentially be bad, because I get so annoyed at these small things that…well face it, we all have our neverending supply of small problems that hound our thoughts. Right? Right? PLEASE SAY I’M RIGHT!!!

I have a final exam tomorrow.
It’s okay, there’s plenty of time
for facebook and blogspot
and youtube and even FML.

I have so many hours left, there’s no need to stress.
It’s not an easy exam, but I’m not a
slacker, i just need some more time to relax.
Get in the zone. Caffeine.

Focus focus, i must focus now
as the caffeine courses through me.
I read a chapter, read it twice
Not enough, I need more. More caffeine.

There is Red Bull in the fridge. I wash down 
my caffeine with the shot of energy.
I bolt through the next chapter,
life is perfect now.

Breaktime, breaktime, now its time
to socialize. I have so many hours left,
there’s no need to stress. Darkness has
long since descended.

The room glows with artificial light
Another Red Bull
Another hour of study.
"More caffeine?" says the roommate.
Yes please

Hands are jittering but my mind is focusing,
my thoughts cannot be typed out fast enough,
my notes are taking too long to read, but i  promise i swear i understand them perfectly
My roommate is denying me red bull. 
She’s stolen my coffee and she won’t give me Red Bull and I have a test tomorrow

I’m losing my zone, my thoughts, my focus
I need more. I cannot blank out, I cry
I need more caffeine. More, please.
She does not relent. I feel sleep start to overcome me
I am doomed, I think.

I wake up, killer headache
The test is in thirty minutes
I drink my coffee, pack a
Red Bull, and go to class

I don’t know what to make of it. It’s not based on a true story, that’s for sure (: I’ll take a look at it later and make up my mind then.