Going Healthy: Week 6

I’ve been a bad blogger. I’ve been so busy enjoying life (And procrastinating) that I haven’t had any time to write about it.

I’m still going healthy. I’ve had slip-ups (And pizza cravings) but for the most part, I’m doing well. As far as a lifestyle rehaul goes, I’m definitely feeling more energetic. Working out is getting to be fun, something I look forward to. It’s not a chore anymore.

Here’s what I’ve maintained:

  • I go to the gym 3-5 times every week. Sometimes it’s less, and other times, I’m able to go 5 times. If I don’t go to the gym enough, I supplement that by making sure I get some cardio at home on the treadmill.
  • I bought my own yoga mat! It is pretty. I haven’t used it yet though
  • Eating healthier is still a thing. Only cereal or oatmeal for breakfast. Sometimes just a bit of fresh fruit. Lunch is the heaviest meal, with some protein and carbs usually. No salad for lunch. It’s either normal Indian food or I’ll make myself a sandwich, wrap, or noodle dish. Usually home-made and healthier
  • On the days I work out, dinner is a protein smoothie. On the days I don’t, it’s a light salad or a bowl of whatever vegetable dish my mom has prepared in the house. No roti at night.

But the above doesn’t matter so much, right? Is there any visible weight loss?

  • This is weird to be writing in public. I was easily a size 10 for jeans, and wore an “L” for most shirts when I began this re-haul in the end of January
  • I am now fitting back into my size 8/9 clothes much more easily. I’m belting my size 10’s now
  • For tops…I’m still wearing large, but some of my stuff looks a bit baggy. Or less snug, whatever you want to call it. I can wear some of my older Medium sized shirts without feeling like all my fat rolls are showing


Mid-Week Exercise Update

Hi guys! Oh my gosh, I am SO SORE RIGHT NOW

I’m telling you, this getting-into-shape business is much, much harder than they make you think. In all of the books I’ve read, people start exercising and then within a few days, they’re suddenly able to work out for hours and have this excellent increase of stamina and they can run for miles and they’re enjoying it and they’re like never sore while they’re at it. It’s just this miraculous way to being healthy and then a few weeks later, they’re developing abs and they get their dream guy or girl and get married. The end.

Okay fine, they’re not exactly like that, but they cut out a lot of the hard parts!!

Today, I am so sore that even thinking of working out is hard to think about. See, that sentence didn’t even make sense. That’s how out of it I am.

I went to the gym today…was going to do another 45 minutes of the kickboxing cardio but I walked into the class and just couldn’t do it. IT WAS SO HARD to contemplate stretching and kicking and punching no matter how happy the music was.

So instead, I did 15 flights of stairmasters, 20 minutes of running on that crossramp machine I’ve been using a lot and then spent 25 minutes in the sauna.

THE SAUNA IS VERY COOL!!! It was so relaxing for my muscles. Extremely hot and I sweated out a LOT but I feel so clean afterwards when I showered. We were joking around but it felt like we’d just gotten a facial! Next time, I’m taking my Boscia Pore Purifying Black Strips with me (See them here, they’re awesome!)

So it was a more relaxing day in terms of working out. Tomorrow I’ll try to take a class again..if I don’t, I’ll definitely lose my gusto 😦

Going Healthy – Week One

Hey guys 🙂 Just a quicky update for what I’ve done this week to try to be a more healthy and active person.
Seriously, I was turning into a complete couch potato and I hated it!

I went to the gym 3x last week (Not as many as I would have liked, but not bad for week one)

What I did at the gym this week –

  1. Zumba + Yoga classes (Zumba 2x, Yoga 1x) – Each session is 45 minutes long and I like to start off my workout with one or the other in the morning. They lead you into warm-ups and stretches and this helps me get in the workout zone
  2. Crossramp – (One of these things) – I have NO stamina, seriously. So I try to run a mile on it every day I work out. Can’t do more and am panting like a pathetic dog by the end of it
  3. Crunches – Abdominal crunches with 40lb weights. I did 5 sets of 10 (so 50) each morning. The weights make it hard T_T
  4. Crunches – Thigh crunches (omg still cannot close my legs without soreness LOL. It’s worse than sex) with 40lb weights. 50 each morning
  5. Kay that’s all I’ve done in the morning, and I don’t think it’s so bad. What do you guys think? Too much? Too little? Am I fucking up???

What I did to eat healthy this week –

  1. Meal replacement smoothies for dinner (I indulged on Saturday because it was my niece and nephew’s birthday)
  2. No coffee! (I had only one latte this entire week. I usually have like 6 omg)
  3. No junk food. Did not touch one single chip, popcorn, or cookie

I just need to cut soda out of my diet now, seriously. I’m looking forward to hitting the gym again tomorrow 🙂 AND I’m shopping around for cute yoga mats!

Going HEALTHY – My lifestyle rehaul

Fresh fruits for my smoothies, almond milk, soy milk ❤

Consider this a belated New Year resolution, but I really must evaluate my decisions now and start making healthier and more responsible decisions!

1. Let’s begin by talking about what I am NOT doing anymore:

  1. No more Dunkin Donuts iced mocha lattes. Okay only a few a month, not a few a week.
  2. No more junk food. This includes potato chips, cookies, brownies, muffins, cupcakes, ice cream, etc
  3. No more take-out all the time! Only when necessary. Packed lunches are going to be a thing now

2. Let’s talk about what I AM planning on doing more of:

  1. I’m workin out! At least 3 times a week. Every morning, I’m going to be at the gym 9:30 to 10:30. Then come home, shower, and go about the rest of the day
  2. I’m replacing one meal a day with a meal replacement smoothie. I’ll share some of my recipes in future posts!
  3. I’m drinking at least 8 glasses of water daily
  4. I’m having 3 meals a day, optional light snacks in between of fruits and salads
  5. Replacing my normal dairy milk with soy milk
  6. Running on my treadmill at night for at least 20 minutes. Will up that as my stamina hopefully increases
  7. No more coffee! I woke up today to work out and felt like a ZOMBIE. Then I drank 2 glasses of water, worked out for an hour, and felt so energetic and refreshed afterwards

Week One Price Tally: 

  • $10 – For my gym membership at LA Fitness (I’m a guest to my workout partner’s plan so it’s cheaper). $10/m
  • $13 – Watermelon, cantaloupe, pineapple, 6 kiwis,2 mangos, grapes, bananas, 2 cartons of strawberries
  • $14ish – 1G of Soy Milk, 1/2G Almond Milk, 1/2lb fresh sliced Turkey
  • $37 spent this week on my “going healthy” plan. I’ve frozen some of the fruits so they will last me longer and my brother and I are both using this stuff for our meal replacement smoothies