Day 15: Time or Money

Day 15 — Given the choice between infinite time or infinite money, I would choose…

Easy peasy. Infinite time. With time comes money, and with infinite time comes the assurance that no matter how broke I am or how bad things look, I’ll stay alive. I’ll be fine.

I know eternity does not come without its prices. Loneliness, an emotion I’ve never been able to handle..would be one of them. How long would I be able to keep a relationship with a man who was supposed to grow old and die. Perhaps having some sort of a mechanism to “turn” others would be helpful, as would knowing that there are other eternals out there.

Maybe if I knew I was the only one who would never die, I would ask for money and spend it all on a fulfilling (but normal) lifespan. Maybe if I knew which one would find me love, I would pick that option?

Old but good song – Love vs. Money. I’m going to put a Youtube video of it below this post, it’s a great song. Gets you thinking, you know. There are lots of things more important than money. For me, love and time would be more important than money. But love most of all, so I would go with the option that found me love.

But then, I’m forced to ask….what if I can find love in the option where I get unlimited money, but I’m destined to die just a month after. In that case, wouldn’t it have been smarter to opt for unlimited time and assume that, if I was given eternity, somebody would come along who I could love? Right? Love at first sight, soulmates…those all sound good on paper, but are rarely the reality of things. You can grow to love someone. But to do that, you need time.

So yes. Unlimited time please. With that, enough money will accumulate, and enough chances to find love.

As promised, here are Love vs. Money, parts 1 & 2 by The Dream (: He’s an amazing singer IMO. If you listen to the two songs back-to-back, they are seamless. Here, since these are two youtube videos, they are not. But even on their own, they’re really good. Super powerful when you listen to them linked up though! Blah, I love the whole album, imma go revisit it now ❤


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