After College, Before Work

It’s an awkward interim – I have graduated college, but don’t yet have a real job. I am telling myself that this is not because I am lazy and unmotivated, but because I plan on higher education in the form of 3 years of law school to obtain a JD that will hopefully help me get an even better job.

But I am SURE I’m not the only one who’s found out that there’s this lovely gap of several months between graduating college and beginning graduate school. I’m not the ONLY one who graduated early, after all. Right? 

Right. Googling for things to do in this break didn’t yield much results beyond “OMG GET A JOB” so here I am blogging about what I think I would rather do in the time between now and September.

What should I do in all this spare time!? I want to go travel – I am planning to travel to India, hopefully. I’m VERY VERY psyched that I’m done with college, but I’m still very reluctant about entering reality and work and law school. It will happen, but it doesn’t need to happen quite yet….

If you guys have had ‘breaks’ in your life like this, what have you done with them?

Here’s what I’m hoping to accomplish before I start law school in September:

  1. Travel to India – probably in March or April? For a month or two.
  2. Finish organizing and decorating my basement room/mini-apartment
  3. Get a proper medical checkup – gynecologist + endocrinologist AND figure out how to regularly obtain birth control without paying out the roof for it
  4. WRITE! I have so many unfinished projects on this blog
  5. Go on a cruise – with friends, not family
  6. Do something adventurous – skiing? Hand-gliding, para-sailing, hot-air-balloon, bungee jumping, skydiving…the options are endless. Pick one and do it!
  7. Find a part-time job as a Paralegal once I’m done traveling
  8. GET INTO LAW SCHOOL – preferably Fordham – and find an affordable apartment in New York City
  9. Save up enough money for a car – long-term goal, don’t really need a car for the next three years while I am studying in the city
  10. Save up enough money for a Euro-trip – long-term goal, this won’t happen until after law school as well. 

Day 15: Time or Money

Day 15 — Given the choice between infinite time or infinite money, I would choose…

Easy peasy. Infinite time. With time comes money, and with infinite time comes the assurance that no matter how broke I am or how bad things look, I’ll stay alive. I’ll be fine.

I know eternity does not come without its prices. Loneliness, an emotion I’ve never been able to handle..would be one of them. How long would I be able to keep a relationship with a man who was supposed to grow old and die. Perhaps having some sort of a mechanism to “turn” others would be helpful, as would knowing that there are other eternals out there.

Maybe if I knew I was the only one who would never die, I would ask for money and spend it all on a fulfilling (but normal) lifespan. Maybe if I knew which one would find me love, I would pick that option?

Old but good song – Love vs. Money. I’m going to put a Youtube video of it below this post, it’s a great song. Gets you thinking, you know. There are lots of things more important than money. For me, love and time would be more important than money. But love most of all, so I would go with the option that found me love.

But then, I’m forced to ask….what if I can find love in the option where I get unlimited money, but I’m destined to die just a month after. In that case, wouldn’t it have been smarter to opt for unlimited time and assume that, if I was given eternity, somebody would come along who I could love? Right? Love at first sight, soulmates…those all sound good on paper, but are rarely the reality of things. You can grow to love someone. But to do that, you need time.

So yes. Unlimited time please. With that, enough money will accumulate, and enough chances to find love.

As promised, here are Love vs. Money, parts 1 & 2 by The Dream (: He’s an amazing singer IMO. If you listen to the two songs back-to-back, they are seamless. Here, since these are two youtube videos, they are not. But even on their own, they’re really good. Super powerful when you listen to them linked up though! Blah, I love the whole album, imma go revisit it now ❤


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Day 09: Being Brown

Day 09 —When the cashier gives me this amount of money for change, I know it’s too much money to dump in the charity bucket…

I am sure I would be of a different opinion if I had found jobs where my salary was heavily supplemented by tips, but right now, I have a decided distaste for the tip&charity system.

I just don’t understand the reasoning. Let me get this straight. You run a grocery store. Your job as a cashier of that store is to sell me my groceries. More specifically, your job is to take my money, put it in your register, give me back my change, and print out a receipt. Maybe you will even bag my items for me. But now, you want me to leave you my change in a charity bucket to thank you for doing your job?

If I need to express my absolute gratitude that you have done the job you were hired to do, a simple “thank you” will suffice. Even if I worked on the other side, I would feel so pathetic taking people’s tossed coins from a charity bucket. I am not their charity case!

Next thing you know, every student will be required to bring the teacher a gift every day, to thank them for doing their jobs. Oh hey, I want to be a future lawyer. Whenever my client meets me, I simply MUST expect him or her to treat me to an exquisite dinner as a thank-you for doing the job that a lawyer is supposed to do – that is, litigate a case.

Is the entire notion of a tip sounding ridiculous to you yet? The amount of gratitude you feel shouldn’t be reflected by how little you value your own money, and by how freely you give it to others. I’m sorry, I’m not made of money either.

If an item costs $1.99, I’m taking back my goddamned penny. I have no problems being sweet and saying thank you, but I am absolutely infuriated when people expect me to pay them money for doing their job. I am not their employer, I owe them no financial obligation. Go fight for another pay raise or something.


My longstanding hatred of the ‘tip’ system in the US goes a long way back. I just don’t GET how people find it normal that they’re obligated to pay somebody money for doing a job that they’re hired to do. I mean, you wanted to be a cashier/teacher/lawyer, and you get paid to do it. I’m not about to congratulate you for doing what you’re supposed to do.

That’s like somebody expecting me to give them a gold medal for remembering to breathe. Every single day. And being pissed if I skip a day. Please, that’s pathetic. I’ll keep my change to myself, and you can go on collecting charity from people who don’t see the world as I do. I earn my money same as you, and I don’t expect additional financial gains as tokens of gratitude.

I sound like a grouch. But really, I’m just extremely stingy with my money. I don’t spend wastefully, and I save what I can. In fact, this entire semester, I’ve been paying for coffee solely with the change I get back when buying other odds and ends. I have a giant stash of coins – it’s got to be worth a couple hundred bucks at this point. All of my change goes into that.

I am my own charity case as it is. And that is enough. I don’t leave change in charity jars, and I grudgingly give tips only because restaurants are now haughty enough not only to expect it, but also to mandate it. As if it’s a right and not a privilege. Argh.


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