Upon A Wasp Chilled With Cold

She fanned her wings against the wind,
Her feeble gestures lacklustre now,
Lacking conviction, for she was doomed.
The fire in her eyes fading with every wingbreath,
Her soul stuttering in and out at every dip.

She felt the warmth of a fire,
Breaching the fine particles of ice,
And she beat those fragile wings a little harder,
Every stroke bringing her closer to the life-giving embers.

But her tired body, wings and all,
Craved rest. Nearer she grew to the Source
And harder the flight became.
She wanted Salvation, though she knew it not by that name,
But her feeble wings, oh their feeble breaths wracked her frame.

Soul stuttering in and out,
Still the wasp flew farther from the cold.
Flew to the heat, to the calling in  her every fiber,
Attuning her body to the compass of her surroundings.
Still the cold wasp flew.

This is a break-up poem

I’m watching Hot Tub Time Machine. This is a break-up story. Watch the movie if you don’t get it.

I’ve lost, doesn’t mean I’ll stop.
You’re gone, I’m pining.
I’m hurting, I’m hurt.
Doesn’t mean you won’t
get what you deserve.

Cold, I’m reliving the memories.
Play by play, cold but playing on,
What did I do wrong? What did you do wrong?
Why did we fail?

Somewhere along the way,
You stopped loving me, and
Here I am, crying without you
Because I still love you.
It’ll wear off, the feelings will
Fade. Your actions though,
They’re irreversible. What you did
To me, somebody else will do to you.
Just keep waiting, the glory of being free,
It’ll wear off. When it does,
You’ll realize you’re a little bit lost and alone
and hurt too. Just like me.
You broke it, you hurt me,
You gave up at the slightest difficulty.
Look me in the eyes, tell me you love me,
Then look again, tellin me you’re gone.
With another girl,
I’m alone with my pain.
You’ve wasted my time,
And I let you blow it all away.
I’m alone with my pain,
Alone with the pain.

Valentine’s Day

I skyped Dan for over six and a half hours (Yeah. 6 hours, 37 minutes to be exact) last night because it was his birthday yesterday, it was Valentine’s Day today, and we ended up on Skype from 9ish until 3:30AM this morning. Crazyyyy. He makes not falling for him so hard 😦

With a relatively warm breeze,
And a relatively easy day,
A sort-of romantic morning,
And a sort-of-nostalgic evening,
An almost-perfect Valentine’s Day
Was born.

Missing true love, true,
There was also an admitted lack of Cuddling.
Again walking the border of fantasy and probable reality,
I found myself on the brink of happiness,
Closest than I had been in months.

But enjoy this festival of love,
And let the starry skies, partially covered
By perfectly woven clouds,
Blanket lovers with their bliss and joy.

Poetry Prompt – Structured Forms

 Hi! I have to write one of the following: Villanelle, Sestina, Pantoum
So, being the overachiever that I am, I’m going to (try) to write all three of them!

A. The Villanelle at a Glance
1. It is a poem of nineteen lines
2. It has five stanzas, each of three lines, with a final one of four lines
3. The first line of the first stanza is repeated as the last line of the second and fourth stanzas.
4. The third line of the first stanza is repeated as the last line of the third and fifth stanzas.
5. These two refrain lines follow each other to become the second-to-last and last lines of the poem.
6. The rhyme scheme is aba. The rhymes are repeated according to the refrains.

And The World Crumbles
A masked happiness approaches near
Walking upon shattered fragments of a tainted past
As the circular moon drips a single silvery tear

You’ve become rich now, I hear
Your footsteps are heavy with new fortunes amassed
A masked happiness approaches near

Your conscience is now black, but was once clear
Proving to me that many seasons have passed
As the circular moon drips a single silvery tear

Your ship must I now steer?
Must I be your hull, your keel, your mast?
A masked happiness approaches near

And I feel in my body a familiar fear
As my body is shocked rigid, and I am staring aghast
As the circular moon drips a single silvery tear

You have burst through my protective sphere
You have torn it apart with a single blast
And now a masked happiness approaches near
As the circular moon drips a single silvery tear