Poem – Cinderella

I wrote a poem,
I wrote it halfway,
And then I forgot to post it.

So now it’s late,
It’s past midnight,
My coach has turned back
Into a pumpkin;

I’m a stranded Cinderella,
Glass slippers intact,
No prince in sight,
Just a slightly sulking heart

And the desire to fall asleep
Already. I’m just a
Lonely Cinderella, disregarded
On the street.

Poem – Creation

Soar upwards,
Deeper and deeper into the skies.
Jump around in the clouds,
Jump from one to the next to the next.

Go on, unfold your wings,
Let your imagination lead you
Into your fantasies. Lose yourself
In those temporary realities.

Revel in glittering dimensions,
Blazing colors, strands and ribbons
Of cerulean bliss. Travel through,
Above and beyond your limitations.

Break through the repetitive words,
Stop using the same rhymes,
The same surface glamour.
Don’t be afraid to step over personal boundaries tonight.

Shimmering strands of creation wait
Within. Embrace them and

Poem – Crystal Flame

She is my other half
I am the fire
And she is the light

If I am heat,
Then she is water.
Only she can douse and
Quench me

If I am anger,
She is calm,
Peace, the incarnate
Of serenity.

Together, we balance
Each other,
Understsand each other,
Complete each other

If she is my crystal,
Then I am her flame.

Poem – Love and War

It all depends on perspective,
There’s really no good or evil.
The villain in my eyes is
Probably the hero in hers. And her
Boyfriend, whom I despise – 
Well, he still loves her and cares for
Her, although he would murder me
Without blinking an eye.

It’s weird, isn’t it. He’s evil to
Me, but to her, he is the world.

So I made a bet with my friend yesterday,
He has to woo a girl. She has a boyfriend,
But I don’t care, this is just for fun anyway – Right?
He agreed to it, and we bet on it, and we’re
Going to get it done.
Her friends call us monsters,
But ours just laugh and cheer us on.

This is just a game,
This is just my viewpoint
Theirs is different, but
To me, their sappy surface love
Doesn’t matter. All’s fair
In love and war – 
And this is a little bit of