Celestial Bodies – REVISED

In space, the cheery bonfires –
Giant pockets of gas – twinkle,
Earth’s cheery little stars.
They explode and collapse
Upon each other, and then sometimes,
Their glimmer dims little by little, or
Flares out in one triumphant display of
Glory before they are destroyed,

Eaten up by their fiery convictions.
Then, we must skip and hop to
Learn new loopholes. Rewired,
We look for another ray of starlight –
We replace that emptiness
Betwixt our heart and soul.

We look for another supernova –
A singular knife to slice through
Perpetual dark film over our eyes.

Humanity hangs on tightly –
Nature outlasts fleeting moments of
Manmade triumph. One star must defeat the stabbing knives and calculating brains.
One star must glow brightly on even
When all the others have failed.