Summer 2015 Reading Goals

I know there’s no Raymond Feist in this list but it’s because I obsessed over his works last year and I’ve already read all of them. To this day, The Riftwar Saga and all the other series that took place in that world are among my favorite epic fantasy novels.


  • The Farseer Trilogy
    • Assassin’s Apprentice
    • Royal Assassin
    • Assassin’s Quest
  • The Liveship Traders
    • Ship of Magic
    • The Mad Ship
    • Ship of Destiny
  • The Tawny Man
    • Fool’s Errand
    • The Golden Fool
    • Fool’s Fate
  • The Rain Wild ChroniclesDONE (Yay for Oyster unlimited)
    • Dragon Keeper
    • Dragon Haven
    • City of Dragons
    • Blood of Dragons
  • Fitz and the Fool
    • Fool’s Assassin
    • Fool’s Quest


  • Phèdre Trilogy
    • Kushiel’s Dart
    • Kushiel’s Chosen
    • Kushiel’s Avatar
  • Imriel Trilogy
    • Kushiel’s Scion
    • Kushiel’s Justice
    • Kushiel’s Mercy
  • Moirin Trilogy
    • Naamah’s Kiss
    • Naahmah’s Curse
    • Naamah’s Blessing

DAVID EDDINGS – The Belgariad (This is the series that CREATED the farmhand-turned-hero cliche)

  • The Belgariad
    • Pawn of Prophecy
    • Queen of Sorcery
    • Magician’s Gambit
    • Castle of Wizardry
    • Enchanter’s End Game
  • The Malloreon
    • Guardians of the West
    • King of the Murgos
    • Demon Lord of Karanda
    • Sorceress of Darshiva
    • Seeress of Kell
  • Belgarath the Sorcerer (Prequel)
  • Polgara the Sorceress (Contemporary tale; Polgara is Belgarath’s daughter)
  • The Rivan Codex (Non-novel companion book)

ROBERT JORDAN – The Wheel of Time

  • There are 13 books in this series and I know I’ve read some of them…but I cannot remember how many I’ve read so I have to revisit this world at some point and finish reading them. It’s a series that any true fan of epic fantasy would be ashamed not to have read


  • There are something like 30 books that Terry Brooks has written that take place in Shannara
  • Just like with Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series, this is a series that most people are familiar with.
  • I’ll begin with the The Sword of Shannara Trilogy and work my way from there
  • Suggested Reading Order:

URSULA K. LE GUIN – The Earthsea Cycle

  • I think I read this entire series in High School, but double check


  • Luscious, Lexi Blake
  • Adored, Lexi Blake
  • The Decameron, Giovanni Boccaccio (My inner scholar has been wanting to read this for years)

Okay so that’s close to 100 books probably. I think that’s enough for one summer! I GOT THIS.