Homework – Rest of Fall Semester


[X] Tuesday: pps. 854-885; FRCP 12, 56
[X] Thursday: pps. 886-936; FRCP 26-37

[X] Tuesday: pps. 964-988 ; FRCP 38, 39 ; 7th Amendment
[X] Thursday: pps. 989-1010 ; FRCP 50, 59

[X] Tuesday: pps. 1102-1006; 1063-1076
[ ] Thursday: pps. 1077-1101

[ ] Tuesday: 1106-1114
[ ] Thursday: 1114-1125

[X] Monday: pps. 310-330
[X] Wednesday: pps. 331-356

[X] Monday: pps. 356-381
[X] Wednesday: pps. 385-410

[X] Monday:
[X] Wednesday:

[ ] Monday:
[ ] Wednesday:

[X] Bring graded draft of memo after implementing suggestions/changes
[ ] Final Draft of Memo (Assignment V) Due November 29 @ 4PM

[X] Tuesday: pps. 639-47, 669-75 ; NY Court of Claims Act Section 8, CPLR 213, 214a, 215
[X] Thursday: pps. 688-97 ; CPLR 1007-1011
[X] Thursday: pps. 719-37 ; Doundoulakis v. Town to Hempstead

[X] Strict Products Liability – Tuesday: pps.745-48, 754-68, 778-86 ; Goldberg v. Kollsman InstrumentMendel v. Pittsburgh Plate Glass, Victorson v. Bock Laundry, Voss v. Black and Decker, Liriano v. Hobart, Michaleff v. Michle
[ ] Thursday: pps 799-810, 821-37 ; See Codling v. Paglia

[X] Tuesday: pps. 850-63 ; PJI 3:16 Instructions, Copari Indus v. Con Edison, Spur Indus v. Del E. Webb Dev
[X] Thursday: pps. 1060-64, 1071-74, 1083-89, 1109-1101, 1103-07, 1112-16  ; Simcuski v. Saeli

[ ] Tuesday: pps. 864-65, 869-72, 876-81, 887-95, 902-16, 929-43 ; PJI 3:23 (Intro, State), Chapadeau v. Utica Observer Dispatch
[ ] Thursday: pps. 951-59, 979-94 ; Immuno AG v. Moor-Jankowski, NY Civil Rights Law §§ 50,51, Nader v. General Motors Corp, Galella v. Onassis, Messenger v. Gruner & Jahr


  • December 5 @ 12:00 – Contracts
  • December 9 @ 12:00 – Civil Procedure
  • December 12 @ 6:30 – Torts‏

Homework – 1L Week Nine


[X] Monday: pps. 712-772; FRCP Rule 13, 15
[X] Tuesday: pps. 773-810; FRCP Rule 18-21
[ ] Thursday: pps. 820-853; FRCP Rule 23

[ ] Wednesday: pps. 394-410 (Finish Statute of Frauds chapter, review SoF)

No class for this week and next week I THINK. Work on final draft of memo and take the time to work on outlines

[X] Tuesday: 586-90; 595-97, 607 (nn. 15, 16) ; Gary v. Schwartz from supplement
[ ] Thursday: pps. 621-31, 638-39 ; CPLR 1411-13, Codling v. PugliaTrupia v. Lake George Central School DistrictRobin Custodi v. Town of Amherst

Homework – 1L Week Eight

This song is too badass to confine it to Soundcloud. You need to see this video. Because Ciara is freakin HOT. And I absolutely love love love love LOVE Nicki’s eye makeup here.

Note: No school on Monday. Tuesday is a legislative Monday. That means there is only one session of torts and civpro this week. BAWSS.


[X] Schedule appointment with your appointed counselor by phone or email if you haven’t already

[X] Wednesday: “Practice” Midterm at 4PM in RM. LL-01
[ ] Thursday: pps. 635-709, FRCP Rule 8

[X] Tuesday: See notes and add this in later
[X] Wednesday: pps. 257-260; 266-275; 278-289

[X] Tuesday: Have thesis for Assignment IV Memo ready
[ ] Friday: Assignment IV (Memo, Draft One) due Friday October 18 @ 4PM [Worth 25% of grade)

[ ] Thursday: pps. 452-53, 464-93 ; Kennedy v. McKesson Co; Bovsun v. Samperi from supplement

`You know you’re in law school when –

The gif above links to the blog where I got it, which is awesome and so relate-able to my life right now. The reasonable person is so annoying. I swear some of the definitions we’ve learned are like “If a reasonable employer has reason to believe that a reasonable employee acting reasonably under the circumstances was reasonably upset by intolerable working conditions, and other reasonable persons in the employee’s position would react similarly under these circumstances, then a reasonable…..”

Clearly this is exaggerated, but honestly, not by that much

What is most terrible about being in law school right now is how less I see pretty much everybody else. Except my parents because I’m still living with them. 😦 The only people I see are the ones I study with. Because my “law school friends” (Who are, at this point, just my friends really) are the only ones I can see anymore.

I am at school at 8:45AM most days. On Mondays, I start at 11, and on Wednesdays I alternate between 9AM and 10AM. I hang out with the same group of 4-9 of us. Usually, I’m with them until anywhere from 1PM to 9PM. I mean I’m with them every minute during these time slots. You see unlike in high school and college, I am with the same group of ~70 people (Section C!) for every single class this entire year. Yes, next semester too.

So what is my life right now? I get this twitch in my eye sometimes from lack of sleep or caffeine overdose, probably both. I drink at least 2-3 coffees a day. Because I need them to stay up, not because I’m thirsty or craving the taste. In undergrad, even during finals, it was bad when I got coffee more than 2-3 times in a WEEK. Now that’s become my daily intake. UGH SO DISGUSTED AT SELF.

I spend a lot of time in the law school library or cafeteria. If we’re doing individual studying we go to the library. If we’re eating while studying or if we need to do more of a group study session, we stay in the cafeteria. If we have a break between our last class and some “optional” diversity or networking event later in the afternoon, we study.

Also, my shower & workout routine is a mess. I shower sometimes at night, sometimes in the morning, sometimes to wake myself up. I definitely don’t wash my hair every day or even every other day because that’s what free time is for, and who has that? I do, however, use dry shampoo if I’m going more than 2nd day hair.

I have flashcards EVERYWHERE. I just finished studying a set for my torts midterm last week. SPEAKING OF MIDTERMS, I got a 124 out of 195 and I was damned proud of it. Because the highest grade was a 136 and the lowest was 75.

So not looking forward to civil procedure midterm on Wednesday. Probably why I took the time to go buy a large DD iced coffee and type this up before going back to my Civil Procedure Flashcards (and supplemental outlines and class notes and study guides and review books given to us by bar prep courses)

Drugstore Deals

This is something I should probably just post on NailSparks* but I wanted to post it here just…because. I’d rather maintain one blog than two right now.

So I folow this website – Nouveau Cheap – and one of the best parts about that website is that G actually scours all the drugstore flyers (and at this point, people also comment to her about deals they see) and puts together a list of applicable coupons, sales, and beauty/makeup deals she sees. She even divides them up by CVS/Walgreens/Rite Aid, and then if there are any Target only or Walmart only things, she’ll list those too. 

So this week, the list of deals can be found here if you want to take advantage of a great deal yourself.

The two deals I’m taking advantage of this week:

  1. Simple Skincare is buy one, get one free (BOGOFREE) at Walgreens. There is also a $2 off coupon available that doesn’t apply to wipes, but imma try to use it anyway. Since cross-linking, I can’t get water in my eye area until the epithelial layer grows back, so I have been using makeup remover wipes morning/evening to cleanse my face instead. I just ran out of the Alba ones, so I’m going to stock up and take advantage of the BOGOFREE deal.
  2. Since I just wrote about Walgreens, I remembered another good deal for this week. I’m not buying any but the entire Disney Villains collection (the eyeshadow palettes by ELF, the makeup bags by SoHo, the Ardell lashes, etc) are all 25% off this week. If you were interested in an eyeshadow “look book” by ELF, thsi means you get a 6-eyeshadow compact, liquid eyeliner, pencil eyeliner, mascara, and a lipgloss for only $7.50. Somebody is bound to like that deal, right?
  3. Revlon pressed powder! Rite Aid is the better deal if you want multiple products – you get $5 back if you spend $15 on Revlon. BUT I have a 25% off coupon and $3 extrabucks from CVS. I also have a $3 off coupon and a $2 off coupon. So stacking all those means I’m going to walk out with a damn cheap pressed powder. I’ll update later to say just how cheap. I want the powder from the nearly naked line, but the $2 coupon doesn’t apply to that. Both coupons would apply to the powder from the colourstay line, but that one isn’t as good. I’m going to try to use both on the nearly naked one but buy the other one if I must.
    Update October 7 – I used the 25% off coupon first, then stacked on the $3 and $2 coupons – both applied to my purchase of the Revlon Nearly Naked pressed powder in shade Medium Deep. My total out of pocket cost was $2.96 and I received $3.00 extrabucks on the printed receipt. So net profit of $0.04 haha. 


I don’t take any credit for finding all these amazing coupons so I won’t directly link to them here. Go to Nouveau Cheap’s weekly deals page and she links out to all the different manufacturers coupons there. I found my two CVS coupons in my mail b/c they are linked to my card. If you go to a  CVS and scan your card, it’ll print you any coupons you have available! The 25% off one should show up, the extrabucks I probably earned from buying something else before.

Homework – 1L Week Seven

Note: The song’s in honour of The Weeknd’s concert this weekend!!! I’m so sad I’m missing out but he’s performing at Radio City on Monday & Tuesday this week and it’s going to be freakin amazing. 


[X] Skim Guide to Online Resources on TWEN
[ ] Submit cover letter on TWEN for one of the sample summer jobs on assignment page
[ ] Schedule appointment with your appointed counselor by phone or email

[X] Tuesday: pp 490-554
[ ] Thursday: pp 555-634, RP-Fed. R. Civ. P. 1, 2, 7-12, 16, 83; RP-Fed. R. Civ. P. 11, 162 F. R. D. 383 et. seq.*

[X] Monday
[X] Wednesday: Up until pg. 268

[X] Monday: Neumann pp. 137-142, Just Writing Ch. 1

[X] Tuesday: pp 374-77, 379-84, 392-96, 413-15, CPLR § 1401-04, Dole v. Dow Chem, Workers.Compensation L. § 11, CPLR Art. 16,  Gen. Oblig. L. § 15-108
[ ] Thursday: pp 416-28, 431-52

Cross Linking 2.0 Today!

But hey, I ain’t got no worries. Listen to this song. SO AWESOME AND UPLIFTING AND SMOOTH AND GOOD AND CHILL AND FANTASTIC. I love it.  Especially Chris Brown’s chorus/voice.

Come on, let’s toasting the champagne, this one’s for the life
Did everything you could to be here for the night
Man it feels good, everything is right
Energy is strong enough to brighten city lights
My whole team winning, no vision on quitting
I rather say I did than let them busters say I didn’t
Let ’em talk about it mane, I’m already living
I risk my life to try everyday to go and get it

Just in case you guys don’t listen to or like this awesome song, I wrote the chorus up above.

UNFORTUNATELY, my night didn’t consist of toasting champagne, but I spent an enjoyable evening working on Legal Writing homework and preparing cases for Civil Procedure tomorrow morning. *scoff* I mean, that’s what I did, BUT IT’S AIIGHT because in some sick twisted way, I had fun. And I have no vision on quittin 🙂 Everything’s right, everything feels good, and this song is just such perfection right now.

I have corneal cross linking on my left eye (It was my right eye over the summer) tomorrow. The thing I’m looking forward to the most is being refitted for hard RGP contacts again in about a month and going back to having 20/20 vision!! CANNOT WAIT.

My right eye is now completely the same as it was pre-operation. No more cloudyness, no more blurryness. In fact, during my 3 month post-op checkup, my doctor told me that things look more flat than before (Remember kerataconus means my cornea has distortions and a conical protrusion instead of the normal spherical and symmetrical shape it should be)

So yeah. everything is good. I’m so hyped up on Sweet Serenade right now that sharing it with you all is basically the reason I posted. I was racking my brain like…what can I possibly write about. So just thought a quick update would come in handy right now since I remember post-op last time, my posting activity here went down pretty drastically.

Just in case anybody reads this, knows me, and is wondering – it’s at 2PM tomorrow 🙂