Going Healthy – June 2013 Update

Hey guys!! I have a renewed motivation for getting fit over the summer now. I WANNA LOOK HAWT when I go to law school. The fact that my awesome friend from NYU is going to start up a similar regimen with me while she’s in California for the summer certainly helps too. Honestly workout buddies are the only way I stay on top of things.Here is our plan so far, we’re still piecing it together —


  • Eat 3 full meals a day + 1-2 healthy snacks if needed
  • Breakfast – Cereal or oatmeal or milk with fruits or cereal with fruits or yogurt or granola bar if in a rush
  • Lunch – Heavier, will include some protein and veggies. So things like salad with grilled chicken (with vinegar/salt/pepper/lemon, no artificial dressings) or sandwiches or just normal Indian fod with roti. Whatever’s cooking as long as it’s healthy and in moderation.
  • Dinner – Lighter. Avoid too much protein/meat in dinner and keep it lighter.
  • Keep the takeout/fast food limited to 102 times per month for special occasions
  • Limit coke intake to special occasions only, try to cut it out of diet entirely
  • Not sure when will be the best time to incorporate some meal replacement smoothies (Are they good as dinner replacements? Lunch? Have to do some more research) but do want to add those into my diet because honestly, they taste good


  • Basic cardio workouts at least 4 times a week. On lighter days, just the treadmill. On other days,elliptical, jogging outside, and other cardio things I don’t know yet
    • Jump rope (that’s cardio, right?) in the evenings with brother. Work towards doing 1000 (Current stamina ends at about 200 smh)
  • Yoga for the mornings I wake up early enough for it
  • 15 Minute Ab & Cardio Bootcamp routine every other day. Start out with 1 rep, double to 30 minutes after stamina begins to build up some
  • 8 Minute Quick Sweat Cardio Workout 2x on the days I’m not doing the 15 minute bootcamp, and 1x on the days that I am
  • Rotate upper body, lower body and abdominal workouts. This will most likely happen only after I have access to gym again

Going Healthy: Week 6

I’ve been a bad blogger. I’ve been so busy enjoying life (And procrastinating) that I haven’t had any time to write about it.

I’m still going healthy. I’ve had slip-ups (And pizza cravings) but for the most part, I’m doing well. As far as a lifestyle rehaul goes, I’m definitely feeling more energetic. Working out is getting to be fun, something I look forward to. It’s not a chore anymore.

Here’s what I’ve maintained:

  • I go to the gym 3-5 times every week. Sometimes it’s less, and other times, I’m able to go 5 times. If I don’t go to the gym enough, I supplement that by making sure I get some cardio at home on the treadmill.
  • I bought my own yoga mat! It is pretty. I haven’t used it yet though
  • Eating healthier is still a thing. Only cereal or oatmeal for breakfast. Sometimes just a bit of fresh fruit. Lunch is the heaviest meal, with some protein and carbs usually. No salad for lunch. It’s either normal Indian food or I’ll make myself a sandwich, wrap, or noodle dish. Usually home-made and healthier
  • On the days I work out, dinner is a protein smoothie. On the days I don’t, it’s a light salad or a bowl of whatever vegetable dish my mom has prepared in the house. No roti at night.

But the above doesn’t matter so much, right? Is there any visible weight loss?

  • This is weird to be writing in public. I was easily a size 10 for jeans, and wore an “L” for most shirts when I began this re-haul in the end of January
  • I am now fitting back into my size 8/9 clothes much more easily. I’m belting my size 10’s now
  • For tops…I’m still wearing large, but some of my stuff looks a bit baggy. Or less snug, whatever you want to call it. I can wear some of my older Medium sized shirts without feeling like all my fat rolls are showing


Going Healthy – Week One

Hey guys 🙂 Just a quicky update for what I’ve done this week to try to be a more healthy and active person.
Seriously, I was turning into a complete couch potato and I hated it!

I went to the gym 3x last week (Not as many as I would have liked, but not bad for week one)

What I did at the gym this week –

  1. Zumba + Yoga classes (Zumba 2x, Yoga 1x) – Each session is 45 minutes long and I like to start off my workout with one or the other in the morning. They lead you into warm-ups and stretches and this helps me get in the workout zone
  2. Crossramp – (One of these things) – I have NO stamina, seriously. So I try to run a mile on it every day I work out. Can’t do more and am panting like a pathetic dog by the end of it
  3. Crunches – Abdominal crunches with 40lb weights. I did 5 sets of 10 (so 50) each morning. The weights make it hard T_T
  4. Crunches – Thigh crunches (omg still cannot close my legs without soreness LOL. It’s worse than sex) with 40lb weights. 50 each morning
  5. Kay that’s all I’ve done in the morning, and I don’t think it’s so bad. What do you guys think? Too much? Too little? Am I fucking up???

What I did to eat healthy this week –

  1. Meal replacement smoothies for dinner (I indulged on Saturday because it was my niece and nephew’s birthday)
  2. No coffee! (I had only one latte this entire week. I usually have like 6 omg)
  3. No junk food. Did not touch one single chip, popcorn, or cookie

I just need to cut soda out of my diet now, seriously. I’m looking forward to hitting the gym again tomorrow 🙂 AND I’m shopping around for cute yoga mats!

The Rose K Lens

That’s what I need to find! I need the Rose K Lens for Keratoconic patients. My specialist dude who I went to today says that for him to place an order, he will charge $200/lens. So that would be $400 for a pair. That is a lot of money for two very little lenses 😦

I’ve taken matters into my hands, with ordering through my specialist as backup. I begged a prescription off of him after signing a waiver, and he told me I’m going to come running back to him in a day. I probably will, but until then, I want to give this a shot for myself.

I checked the ROSE K WEBSITE for local distrubutors, and he’s right….only one lab in New York distributes them. They shall get a call from me tomorrow. There’s another company in Pennsylvania so I might call them as well. I figure if I cut out the middleman, I should be able to get them cheaper than the $400 quote my specialist has given me!

Seee all of this is only an issue because my eye insurance doesn’t kick in until July 1st of this year. Unfortunately, I am quite literally living severely disabled/near blind until I can get these contacts and/or glasses (Although they don’t really help with any vision acuity, but something is better than nothing) and I don’t think I would be able to live another month. Not to mention I wanted to paticipate in Camp NaNoWriMo in June, and that will prove pretty hard to do if I cannot see and interact with my cabinmates and read their work and all. I don’t know what to say. Life sucks right now, it really does.

Look at this awesome diagram of a Rose K lens. That thing that looks totally like a nipple is supposed to represent a patient’s keratoconic eye. Remember, the cornea, rather than being smooth and round, is asymmetrical, bumpy, and conically shaped, with severely keratoconic patients having a cornea that visibly protrudes outwards. How icky right? Thankfully, mine is considered mild in the grand scheme of things! Thank god, or else I would have had to investigate some of the more invasive surgical procedures….those all have post-operation recovery times of 3-5 years 😦 I’M TOO YOUNG!


Enlghtening. Scary. I need myself these lenses. Or at least one. For my left eye. AHHHHH.

Having Eyesight Problems

Back in January, I managed to break my glasses 😦 The frame ripped right in half down the nosepiece. My dad tried to fix it but the alignment was off and it didn’t really work. Thankfully, I had the hard contacts at home so I was able to continue to use those.

I have an eye condition – keratoconus – and hard contacts are the only way to correct my vision properly. Even the glasses cannot really fix things. My disorder isn’t in it’s advanced stages or anything….it’s still very mild, but nobody really knows how this disorder progresses. I know it is degenerative, but some patients with the condition have it very mild and it stabilizes and doesn’t get worse all their life. Others who have it find that it degenerates the cornea much more rapidly and continuously, never stabilizing.

My eyesight stopped changing much at around 11th grade, so my eye doctor has reason to believe that my keratoconus also stopped progressing at around that time. Hopefully, it will stay at this level where it is manageable by the use of hard contacts to correct the cornea’s irregularity. If it gets worse, the only way (so far) to fix it seems to be a corneal transplant or a lensticula surgery. I don’t know what to do 😦 It scares me to talk about it. This is the most open I’ve been on my blog about the whole issue, in fact.

So that little tangent aside, I was diagnosed with keratoconus my freshman year of college. At that time, my parents had great eye insurance and I was able to get fitted for and order a pair of hard contact lenses for free. They are considered medically necessary for somebody with my condition in most insurance policies I believe.

The problem with hard contacts – they need a lot of getting used to. I was given them freshman year and while it felt like I could see the world again properly…for the first time..when I wore them, they were so uncomfortable and painful that I couldn’t even wear them for more than half an hour. I was told I would build up a tolerance to them and get used to them, even, but when I had the option of glasses, I never really bothered getting used to the contacts. They were a pain, took me forever to put on, and I couldn’t even keep them on for the duration of one of my classes. As a freshman, I was lazy and didn’t want to deal with the hassle. They just lay around at home, unused.

Skip to this year, 2012, and I am a first semester senior. Broke my glasses, as I said, and I remembered that pair of hard contacts lying around. Classes started soon and even if I paid for and ordered a new pair of glasses, it would take a week. I forced myself to adapt to the contacts. Our family doesn’t have eye insurance right now, we’re going through a tough time. No dental either, or even just normal health insurance I don’t think. My mom is between jobs and my dad’s office doesn’t cover it. It only offers life insurance.

So family problems, financial problems, vision problems. I thought parents aren’t supposed to burden their child with this kind of stuff. Well nobody told my parents this because I know everything and it stresses me out like no other.

I told my mom not to bother getting a backup pair – they would be too costly without any sort of plan…close to $300 or so even if I get the cheapest of the cheap frames.

Last night, one of my contacts fell out while I was dancing at a party. I don’t know what to do…obviously, it was impossible to find. I was out, there were lots of people, I’m sure it got crushed by the time I bent down to start looking for it. No use. I ran to the bathroom in the hope that it just came off my iris and I could push it back into position, but I would have felt it in some other corner of my eye and I couldn’t feel it. I double-checked in the mirror and rolled my eyeballs round in the most extreme angles. No luck. No little contact.

So now I’m even more fucked. No contacts, no glasses. I’m blind.


That’s what it feels like anyway. I can’t see what I’m typing right now; I’m only typing because thankfully, they teach us how to memorize the keys on the keyboard and now, typing is second nature and I don’t need to look at keys to know what I’m doing.

New glasses will cost ~$300, like I said.

New contacts with fittings and all…they will cost me $500+

Just a visit to the specialist without any eye insurance that would handle a co-pay is $165. So add that to the cost of the contacts, and imagine if it requires more than one visit to get fitted properly.

I’ve just cost my parents another $1000. I feel like such a failure right now 😦

I’ll probably be posting less frequently on my blog while I figure everything out. At this point, I don’t see…being able to see (lol pun)…for at least another week, assuming I can go to an eye doctor tomorrow or Monday and order glasses. Or talk to the specialist and see how much it will cost to re-order the hard contacts.

Rigid gas permeable lenses, if maintained properly, last you 2-3 years. Possibly more. I had mine since sometime in late 2009/early 2010, but didn’t wear them regularly until just this year, so I’m assuming that their life expectancy should be until sometime in late 2013..? I don’t know. I don’t know what to do! 😦

– Pryanka