Going HEALTHY – My lifestyle rehaul

Fresh fruits for my smoothies, almond milk, soy milk ❤

Consider this a belated New Year resolution, but I really must evaluate my decisions now and start making healthier and more responsible decisions!

1. Let’s begin by talking about what I am NOT doing anymore:

  1. No more Dunkin Donuts iced mocha lattes. Okay only a few a month, not a few a week.
  2. No more junk food. This includes potato chips, cookies, brownies, muffins, cupcakes, ice cream, etc
  3. No more take-out all the time! Only when necessary. Packed lunches are going to be a thing now

2. Let’s talk about what I AM planning on doing more of:

  1. I’m workin out! At least 3 times a week. Every morning, I’m going to be at the gym 9:30 to 10:30. Then come home, shower, and go about the rest of the day
  2. I’m replacing one meal a day with a meal replacement smoothie. I’ll share some of my recipes in future posts!
  3. I’m drinking at least 8 glasses of water daily
  4. I’m having 3 meals a day, optional light snacks in between of fruits and salads
  5. Replacing my normal dairy milk with soy milk
  6. Running on my treadmill at night for at least 20 minutes. Will up that as my stamina hopefully increases
  7. No more coffee! I woke up today to work out and felt like a ZOMBIE. Then I drank 2 glasses of water, worked out for an hour, and felt so energetic and refreshed afterwards

Week One Price Tally: 

  • $10 – For my gym membership at LA Fitness (I’m a guest to my workout partner’s plan so it’s cheaper). $10/m
  • $13 – Watermelon, cantaloupe, pineapple, 6 kiwis,2 mangos, grapes, bananas, 2 cartons of strawberries
  • $14ish – 1G of Soy Milk, 1/2G Almond Milk, 1/2lb fresh sliced Turkey
  • $37 spent this week on my “going healthy” plan. I’ve frozen some of the fruits so they will last me longer and my brother and I are both using this stuff for our meal replacement smoothies

New Blogging Project?

Hi guys! I have been very lacking in sticking through with projects and ideas lately. I know.

I need to find some sort of a daily blog project starting February 1st. To occupy myself, to open myself up to my readers, and to make my blog at least remotely interesting again!

If you have suggestions and links to other blog projects you’ve done, please post a comment 🙂 

Projects I’ve done in the past are linked on the right sidebar – I did Project Theme, Poetry Paradise, and 30 Days of Blogging Honesty. 

Give me ideas! And if you want to do a project with me, we should collaborate and promote something slightly bigger! Blogging Honesty was great because I learned so much about other bloggers along with exposed myself to them and made new friends. I want something like that again. Are there any projects going on? PUT ME IN THE KNOW!

Fringe is OVER

I have been OBSESSED with the show Fringe ever since FOX aired the pilot in 2008. Believe it or not, I have actually been watching this show as it progressed since that time. From the beginning of 11th grade until just after my graduation, Fringe has been a constant in my life! I cannot say that I watched it the day it aired every week these last five years, but I never lagged more than a few episodes behind.

The show had me enthralled. Excellent storyline (Right up my alley), amazing acting, complex and interwoven layers of plot, and not a single boring episode added up to an amazing five years with Fringe. I can say with utmost confidence that it is my favorite TV show. EVER. Shows like Gossip Girl, Charmed, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dawson’s Creek, and even Once Upon A Time had various problems with them – too long, got boring in the middle, dragged on, stupid plot twists, etc etc.

But Fringe was AMAZING.

I say was because the two-hour series finale premiered on January 18, 2013.

It’s over 😦 It’s over and I’m really sad that nothing new will happen. There were so many twists and turns, so many people who died, came back to life, died again, etc. It was a hell of a ride, and I certainly was not ready for it to end so soon.

I am just glad that they were told that this would be the last season with enough time to plan a proper ending. I would have been DEVASTATED if Fringe ended with some sort of a stupid (and this was all a dream) cop-out ending!

Some more articles and interviews from the cast themselves are linked below!! If you want to dive into my obsession, since the series is all over. I love to power-marathon through series once in a while. This one will have you captivated from the first few minutes of the pilot till it’s very end.



One passion?

January 13, 2013 – Late Night Thoughts

I tried to set up a motivational songs playlist – you can see it on Spotify if you know how to stalk me through those things. I signed up with my name (Pryanka Arora) and main email address (blishful@gmail.com) if that makes things easier. I added the songs Motivation (Kelly Rowland, Lil Wayne), I Believe I Can Fly (R. Kelly), Stronger (Kanye West), We Will Rock You (Queen), and Total Eclipse of the Heart (Queen). Then I played a random song and set to work typing up this post.

But whatever thoughts had been pouring out of me dying to be written suddenly got stage fright and disappeared. So I guess this is just one of those nights that I don’t need music on. It was distracting me! That’s a first.

I wanted to talk about firsts today too. Today is the first time I don’t feel like wearing nail polish on my fingers. In fact, I have this strong urge to go downstairs right now and wipe off Sinful Colors, Blue By You, off my nails before I continue writing. I don’t know where this is coming from or why I feel such vehement distaste towards polish on my nails suddenly, but there is no denying that it is there. I have not gone a single day without painted nails once I stumbled across my fascination/addiction/obsession with nail polish in late 2011. It is now January 2013 and this week, I left my nails bare on Wednesday. And after typing this post, I am probably going to remove my polish once more.

I know that people change and it’s nothing to freak out about, but in my typical fashion of overthinking things and drawing out connections, I feel like this week, my passion for nail art is dimming. I am sure it will revitalize or change gradually into a gentler calling.

Passion. I never want to be criticized for not having enough passion. With my career, with my family, with my hobbies – I want to be passionate. I never want to do something I am not passionate about. And it is not until recently that I began to experience so much depression, anxiety, and doubt when it came to law.

Guys, I WANT TO BE A LAWYER. I have wanted to be a lawyer since I can remember. Dreams can change, and it’s okay. But this isn’t even a dream. It is my one goal, ambition, purpose, and passion. My ONE career choice that I felt undying passion and draw to.

Then it came down to it and I underperformed on the LSAT. Maybe not the end of the world, but crushing to my self-esteem and confidence. To my passion.

I feel as though when I lost that passion, I tried to fill in the gaps with things like nail art, beauty blogging, makeup and skincare products, nail polish, and dating. My writing suffered, my academics suffered, and certainly, the law school application process has suffered.

I don’t have a single letter of rec yet, though I brought up the subject with my Professors and Bosses back in November. I just dropped it all. What happened to my passion? WHERE IS IT?

I need it back. I want to be a lawyer. I need to write the BEST essay ever and convince them, in two double-spaced pages, that if they look beyond the numbers, they will see a woman who wants it desperately. Who envisions herself as a lawyer, and who knows she will be a success.

But can I only handle one passion at a time? When I am trying to revitalize my passion for law, why do I find my love of nail polish faltering? Why am I no longer writing creatively? Why have I not done anything in Photoshop in MONTHS???

I still want to be passionate 😦 Help me find my passions. I can’t pick just one.

After I typed up this post, I did actually go down to get my polish remover and open up Youtube to catch up on my subscribed channels. iisuperwomanii posted a new video, and it furthered my melancholy mood 😦 RIP to her grandfather, please watch this extremely moving and emotional and uplifting video though…it has an important message. It felt like she was speaking right to me. Right to my fears and emotions.

I know I am ending this on a serious note, and my heart is just breaking for what she is going through, but I think it’s an important message that I really needed to hear.

What I want to say to you is that in 2013, you will fall. You will get upset, you will get heartbroken, things will go wrong. And what I want to tell you is that you don’t need to wait until the end of the year to decide it’s a new beginning. Every single day, any day you choose can be a new beginning. So in 2013, if something doesn’t go your way, don’t think “Oh, that’s it, the year is done, I can’t do anything.” No! Wake up the next morning, and make it happen. 2013 is your year, I believe in you, follow your dreams. And when I say follow your dreams, that doesn’t mean dream about them. That means wake up and make it happen. Stop wishing, start doing. I believe in you.

When your crush starts dating somebody else


The guy I had a crush on for ALL OF HIGH SCHOOL (I mean all of it…started right in that mandatory 7th grade art class and continued till my freshman year of college ended…my god it was pathetic) is now in a relationship. With somebody else.

Okay well since I know at some point he had the address to this blog (Let’s get real, he probably hasn’t been on it in years), I’ll keep personal details to a minimum. Those of my readers who know me ‘in real life’ already know who I’m talking about 😛 And for the rest of you, consider it a general rant!

So yes, he started dating this girl a week ago (I think this is his first…he was all sorts of shy and anti-social with self-esteem issues in HS BUT I tried to be there for him through it all. We were friends and things sort of progressed towards dating the summer after high school ended but he freaked out and disappeared on me for months and well…yeah)

So he has a Facebook now too. He never had one then BAM he starts dating some pretty slim white chick and the same day they start dating, he joins FB. And shows up in my suggested friends list. He’s all hot[ter] now (He lost a lot of weight. Not like that ever bothered me..) and in a relationship.

I’m happy for him 🙂 I hope this chick treats him right, because I know he’s such a sweetheart and he’s so nice and caring and compassionate. I assume that with the weight loss came a much needed boost of confidence and self-esteem, and that time has healed the impact of some of the terrible things he’s endured. 

I don’t know. Part of me is sort of wistful because I liked him for so long, you know? But for the most part, I stopped pining away years ago and got a grip on myself (I mean really, as if a white guy would ever date me). So most of me is just happy that things are going right for him and he’s got somebody to talk to about it all! It’s still weird to know that he’s in a relationship. I mean, really? Him? 

It’s like seeing all those awkward nerdy people from HS at your 10-year reunion (Dude my HS is so cheap that we don’t even have one of those) and seeing how they transformed into handsome business tycoons with the perfect wives. Some of them do, anyway.

It’s just weird knowing he’s changed so much. And missing out on it. Because for years, we were close and then the past few years of college, I stopped making an effort and he never really made any effort at all and we just drifted back to being mere acquaintances. And now he’s dating. 

Hehe. My life is funny. 

If he can get a girlfriend, I can get a boyfriend. Like we were both probably just as socially awkward in high school. Okay fine, maybe I had more friends but he definitely wins for having more male friends than I did.

I mean….



After College, Before Work

It’s an awkward interim – I have graduated college, but don’t yet have a real job. I am telling myself that this is not because I am lazy and unmotivated, but because I plan on higher education in the form of 3 years of law school to obtain a JD that will hopefully help me get an even better job.

But I am SURE I’m not the only one who’s found out that there’s this lovely gap of several months between graduating college and beginning graduate school. I’m not the ONLY one who graduated early, after all. Right? 

Right. Googling for things to do in this break didn’t yield much results beyond “OMG GET A JOB” so here I am blogging about what I think I would rather do in the time between now and September.

What should I do in all this spare time!? I want to go travel – I am planning to travel to India, hopefully. I’m VERY VERY psyched that I’m done with college, but I’m still very reluctant about entering reality and work and law school. It will happen, but it doesn’t need to happen quite yet….

If you guys have had ‘breaks’ in your life like this, what have you done with them?

Here’s what I’m hoping to accomplish before I start law school in September:

  1. Travel to India – probably in March or April? For a month or two.
  2. Finish organizing and decorating my basement room/mini-apartment
  3. Get a proper medical checkup – gynecologist + endocrinologist AND figure out how to regularly obtain birth control without paying out the roof for it
  4. WRITE! I have so many unfinished projects on this blog
  5. Go on a cruise – with friends, not family
  6. Do something adventurous – skiing? Hand-gliding, para-sailing, hot-air-balloon, bungee jumping, skydiving…the options are endless. Pick one and do it!
  7. Find a part-time job as a Paralegal once I’m done traveling
  8. GET INTO LAW SCHOOL – preferably Fordham – and find an affordable apartment in New York City
  9. Save up enough money for a car – long-term goal, don’t really need a car for the next three years while I am studying in the city
  10. Save up enough money for a Euro-trip – long-term goal, this won’t happen until after law school as well.