Today, I am 21

That’s right, my lovely followers. Today, Controlled Derangement turned 21. Today, I turned 21!

I’m very excited, of course, but need to make a trip to the DMV and have a better picture taken for my 21+ ID. This mug shot simply will not do. I started the day off with birthday cake. Some of the icing OBVIOUSLY made it to my face. What good are brothers if it doesn’t, huh?

After that, I was up until ~2ish because I had family over (It was awesome. I love big family gatherings like this. I don’t think I can fathom coming from a smaller family…this is just so much better)

Currently, by the way, I am blasting (Okay, playing) a birthday playlist at work haha. It’s fairly dead and I was watching Olympics highlights earlier but now I’m actually just listening to songs about birthdays and typing up this post. I think I left Birthday Sex on repeat for about half an hour. Oops.

This post is very scattered. It’s nearly 2PM and I definitely opened this up at 11. I keep getting phone  calls and people walking in and then I went on my lunch break so…oops!

BUT WOW GUYS, PRYANKA’S 21 YEARS OLD. That’s still young but finally old enough that I am an adult. An adult. Doesn’t roll off the tongue just yet. Maybe later, when I go out with friends and purhase my first legal drink, things will be different? Who knows.

I started writing this post as a response to my bestest bestest best friend. My biffle, Nabila, posted a happy birthday letter to me right here. I’ll post one right back at her but you’ll all have to wait a little bit longer to read that. Next post ❤

Well, this entire post was a fail…it’s already 4:45. How did the time fly by so quickly? I’ll just get down to it and not let myself get any more distracted.

Dear Nabila,

Thank you so much for the letter/blog post you wrote for me!! I am very very sorry – I have not been easy to get in touch with and have disappeared like I tend to do over the summer. Not entirely disappeared…but we’re just not on the same online mediums I think.

Let me just let you know now – I go on Skype most nights, and I also check my FB for notifications prodigiously, as it is how I communicate with the nail bloggers and nail polish community in addition to check on NYU Club updates. And also just talk to people in general. Honestly that’s the one site I’m active on…I have notifications automatically sent to my phone over WiFi or Data because FB is a crucial means of communication.

I just wanted to share something with you since you can’t see my FB status about it…when I made my first color, Accidentally Amazing (I blogged about it a few times on Nail Sparks*), I made 5 bottles of it and sent them out to people for free in exchange for their honest opinions, pictures, and reviews.

Well the first person just posted her review for me right over here, and I wanted to share it with you, like I said. Look here for the review –

Isn’t that awesome?? Just another chapter of my life that I want you to witness! And such a great 21st birthday present from the Nail polish world LOL.

I’m going to be all sappy and stuff later. Like super sappy. Like I’m going to be blowing into a tissue so you better get teary0eyed-too kind of sappy.

Because you’re the person who has been with me through thick and thin and my friendship and love for you will never ever ever waver. EVARRRRRR.


Hugs and besos,



Oh hi there!

Hi there! I’m welcoming myself into this quirky ol’ site called livejournal.
Yeah, I just used the word quirky. I’m weird like that! You can ask Nabila; she’ll concur (username: bannasundae). Then again, she’d probably be forced to agree, just because she made me join here to begin with!

I would write you all a longer entry, honestly, I would, but its past 1:30 am, and I don’t trust my coherency at this time of the morning!

Oh right, here are the basics though 🙂 I can’t mess these up (I’d hope not at least). My name’s Pryanka, and I am just amazing at making creative and original usernames. Please though, do note the sarcasm.

Oh thats right. I’ll be writing up a storm here as well, later. Perhaps I shall partake in Nabila’s one story update a week idea. It sounds like it’ll help me stop getting distracted from a storyline so easily!