Celestial Bodies – REVISED

In space, the cheery bonfires –
Giant pockets of gas – twinkle,
Earth’s cheery little stars.
They explode and collapse
Upon each other, and then sometimes,
Their glimmer dims little by little, or
Flares out in one triumphant display of
Glory before they are destroyed,

Eaten up by their fiery convictions.
Then, we must skip and hop to
Learn new loopholes. Rewired,
We look for another ray of starlight –
We replace that emptiness
Betwixt our heart and soul.

We look for another supernova –
A singular knife to slice through
Perpetual dark film over our eyes.

Humanity hangs on tightly –
Nature outlasts fleeting moments of
Manmade triumph. One star must defeat the stabbing knives and calculating brains.
One star must glow brightly on even
When all the others have failed.


We went over the material being covered in my final Spanish exam (before the Spanish Final on May 5), and I’m not prepared. I have to do REALLY well on this test! MY ENTIRE GRADE DEPENDS ON IT!!!!!!!

Oh fuck. I’m going back to studying now. I just…sometimes, I really wish I’d taken that Hindi placement exam and avoided the hassle of foreign languages entirely.

Also, I just received some GREAT news. My first choice residence hall for next year is all closed up. My second choice…the only low-cost options left are 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom suites….with eight people. EIGHT PEOPLE! Do you understand the amount of drama there would be in living in that style of housing? For an entire year? No thank you!

Third choice it is then. Hello, Lafayette T_T Atleast I’ll have the same RA, hmm? He’s RA’ing the 9th floor, and it’ll definitely be nice to have people I know there.

But still. It’s so far! And I’m NOT happy with how our roommate setup turned out either. Not happy at all. Nope, Pryanka is not pleased.

Mujhe kuch nahi patha…[translated]

It was supposed to be abstract. It doesn’t refer to a specific person, a specific decision, or any specific event. It’s just…a rambling thought kind of piece. I’m not sure how to even classify it. I was just writing rhetorical questions in Hindi because I wanted to.


What am I doing now? Why am I thinking like this? I don’t know why I can’t get him out of my head. I don’t know.

I don’t know why he got into my heart. When did he come? And why won’t he leave? Why?

I don’t know if I can ever be his. Does he think of me like that? Will he ever be able to? I don’t even know that much.

Should I wait for him? Or should I get him out of my mind? He doesn’t leave, every time I try. Why doesn’t he leave? Why?

We’re friends, but why is it that in this friendship, I listen to him every single time? Would he ever do that for me? I don’t think he would give up his life for me. He wouldn’t even say that as a joke. He doesn’t believe in all this. So then why can’t I forget him? Why?

Why do I do everything for him? And in return, why do I bear all of his desires and decisions? Whenever I think that this time, I won’t listen, I can’t do it. As if I don’t ever have my own plans? He acts as if whenever he wants, I should have fun with him. Eat food. Watch movies. And whenever I make plans, he takes one minute saying no to me. He never thinks that he’s wrong but whenever…WHENEVER…I tell him that I can’t do what he wants to, he gets angry at me.

I don’t know why I still spend time with him. I shouldn’t anymore, I think.

We’ll see what tomorrow brings for me. For us. For our lives.

I don’t know anything.

Final Exam Topics, Prompts, Guidelines

Literary Interpretation

Dear Class,
In case you would like to begin thinking of final papers on this rainy Sunday, topics are below. I will be discussing this in class on Monday.

Final Paper: Due May 7th 12PM in Prof. Gajarawala’s box
• 7-8 pages
• MLA guidelines
• Must be proofread
• Should provide an original analysis of said literary text
• Should have an incisive and compelling argument

Final Paper Topics

1. Agha Shahid Ali’s poetry, particularly in The Half Inch Himalayas, is a meditation on exile, longing, loss and nostalgia. Trace this theme through three poems, using the techniques of close reading. Pay special attention to imagery, metaphor, diction etc. You may choose to follow one particular image or word through the poems (maps, or writing, for example); you may choose to concentrate on a certain technique. How does each poem do what it does?

2. Choose one short story and make an argument that considers the following question: how does the narrative work? How does the plot unfold? You may want to consider: the delineation of character, the perspective of the narrator, narrative pacing, style, imagery etc. Use this formalistic analysis in service of an argument about the thematic resonance of the story. In other words, make an argument that considers the relationship between ‘form’ and ‘content’.

Note: This is not a research paper. I don’t expect you to consult critical material. That being said, if you are making an argument that relies on historical and social context, which, at some level, all arguments do, you need to get the facts right. You therefore may want to do some reading on, for example, the politics of Kashmir, or the genre of the Gothic novel. Wikipedia is not a suitable source for a term paper.

World Cultures: Africa
Prompts will be handed out Thursday, April 29
Final Paper(s) due May 6
Quiz $4 due Thursday, April 29

Quiz #4:

As you know, your last quiz is a museum review based on the exhibits you visited for class. You will find sample reviews in the “Assignments” section of Blackboard where you will also submit your quizzes. You should submit your quizzes on or before Thursday, 29 April at 5:00pm. If you submit your quizzes later than that date and time, your grade is sure to suffer a penalty. Your submissions should be no longer than 500 words in length (this does not include your name or any titles you wish to include nor does it include any citations). I will grade your quizzes next weekend and have them back to you via email.

Creative Writing
Final portfolio due Thursday, April 29

Spanish Intermediate I
Final In-Class Exam Thursday, April 29
Final Cumulative Exam – May 5

Mujhe kuch nahi patha…

Ab main kya kar rahi hun? Kyu aise soch rahi hun? Mujhe nahi patha main usko apne dimaak se bahar kyu nahi nikal sakthi. Mujhe nahi patha.

Mujhe nahi patha vo mere dil main kyu aagaya. Kab aagaya? Aur vo bahar kyu nahi jathai? Kyun?

Mujhe nahi patha main uski kabhi ho sakthi hun. Vo mere bare aisa sochtha bhi hai ke nahin? Kabhi soch payega? Mujhe itna bhi nahi patha.

Main uske liye wait karu? Ya usko apne dimaak se bahar nikalun? Vo nikaltha hi nahin, main jabhi koshish karthi hun. Vo kyun nahi jatha? Kyun?

Hum dost tho hain, par is dosti me main kyun uski baath har bar sunthi hun? Vo mere liye aise kabhi bhi kartha? Mujhe tho nahi lagtha ke vo mere liye apni jaan dega. Vo to aise kabhi kahega be nahin. Vo is sub me believe he nahi kartha. Tho phir main usko kyun nahin bhula pathi? Kyun?

Kyun main uskeliye sab kuch karthi hun? Aur uske badle main uski kwahisho ko aur uski marziyon ko har bahar kyun sahu? Main jabhi sochthi hun ke iss baar, main nahi suno gi, main aise kar hi nahi pathi. Mujhe nahi acha lagtha jab koi aur mere se aise baath kartha hai jaise mere apne koi sapne hi nahin hain. Jaise mere paas apne plans hi nahin ho kabhi. Vo tho aise kartha hain jaise main uske saath jab chahe masti karun. Khana kahun. Movies dekhun. Aur jab main koi bhi plans banathi hun, ek minute lagatha hai mujhko na kahane main. Usko thab tho kuch galath nahi latha pur jabhi..JABHI….main usko bholun ke ma aise nahi kar sakthi jo vo chatha he, tho vo gusse hojatha hain. 

Mujhe nahin patha main iske bajae bhi uske saath time spend karthi hun. Nahin karna chaiye ab, main sochthi hun. 

Dekthe hain, kal kya kahatha hain mere liye. Hamare liye. Hamari zindagi ke liye.

Mujhe tho kuch nahi patha.

Adobe Creative Suite 5 (CS5)

Pryanka is drooling. Quite literally. With the release of Adobe’s Master Collection of Creative Suite 5, she has realized that her dismal collection, consisting of Illustrator CS4 and Photoshop CS2, simply doesn’t cut it anymore. I am most intent on pursuing a proper suite that most graphic designers would be proud of. I want to explore this creative side of Photoshop, and have FUN with graphic design again. I want to design pieces that I’m proud of again. And this summer, I will hopefully do that with a proper set of Adobe Creative Suite tools.

  • Adobe Photoshop CS5
  • Adobe Illustrator CS5
  • Adobe InDesign CS5
  • Adobe Dreamweaver CS5
  • Adobe Flash Professional CS5
  • Adobe Fireworks CS5
  • Adobe Bridge CS5
  • Adobe Premiere Pro CS5
  • Adobe After Effects CS5

Maybe I’m just being too hopeful? I definitely want at least up until Dreamweaver however. Honestly, my summer will be complete BLISS! I’m looking forward to evenings spent writing and fine tuning my graphic and webpage design skills.