Camp NaNoWriMo!

I recently heard that VeehCira will also be participating in this project with me, HOW EXCITING!! Too bad we aren’t in the same cabin.

For those who don’t know what it is, NaNoWriMo is a big challenge for novelists and writers everywhere. It challenges you to complete a novel of at least 50,000 words, or complete the first 50,000 words of the novel if you plan for it to be bigger. This means, on average, you should be writing at least 1,667 words per day I believe. You input your word count at the end of every day and watch the meter steadily rise toward the 50,000 word goal as you write and explore the novel within your mind. It’s an exciting adventure, because we start Day 1 completely fresh.

I don’t know what I’m writing. I am hoping that an idea will come to me and the novel will manifest itself. Then I will explore its depths and bring the nuances to light and ultimately, have a first edition manuscript of something I can be proud of.

Wish me luck!

I have not decided how to introduce the novel to you all, my fellow bloggers and readers. I don’t want to post daily because I am sure things will be revised and scrapped and rewritten during the course of the month.

Perhaps at the month’s end, I will post a link to an eBook download of my first edition with the hopes that those of you who read it will act as my critics, editors, readers, and friends!

Day 04: Living In Blogger Fantasies

Day 04 — A blogger friend I’ve known for over five years told me she has been blogging anonymously all this time and most of what I know about her is her fantasy. My reaction to this news is…

What a silly (or awkwardly phrased) prompt. If what you know about a blogger friend is fantasy, then he or she isn’t an “anonymous blogger,” he or she is just not a truthful one.

For me, the whole purpose of blogging is finding a public sphere where you find it easy to be yourself. When I created this blog senior year of high school (It has been almost three years now!) my sole purpose was keeping in touch with my best friend and letting her know what was going on. That’s why she created her blog. Our whole point was to be honest and truthful and have a space where we could update each other about how life was going in our respective colleges.

To me, an anonymous blogger is one who does not disclose their life or personal details. This blogger friend from the scenario went one step further, and disclosed some sort of false personal information (Name, likes and dislikes, etc). That’s the worst kind of dishonesty, because you create a relationship with a fake persona. I don’t understand.

I think the first thing I would ask them is “Why?”

Not “why” as in “why did you do that?” but why as in “why are you telling me this now?”

Why are you telling me this now?

Is it because you realize that I’m a friend you are close enough to now that you’re ready to truly reveal yourself? Has our online friendship transcended into something that is more real for you?

I would be upset and hurt. To continue our friendship, I’d expect some honesty, especially if I’ve been honest with my blogger friend. I’m used to having online friends, if you recall my past experience with forums, so this scenario has actually taken place. There was a friend of mine who, a year later, came out to me and showed me real pictures of himself and told me that he had been posting pictures of a friend of his until then on the forums. But I helped him regain his confidence and showed him that he could be honest about himself online and we would offer no judgments. Once he knew that, he began being more honest and I think it was a really liberating experience for him.

It’s truly something when you can be exactly who you are, and people still like you, talk to you, trust you, love you.

It’s lovely to create a fantasy persona, but even then, it’s all coming from somewhere. This blogger friend of mine may actually live in Suburban Long Island rather than Las Vegas, but something about her writing style and fantasies should already have told me a lot about who she is. (Yes, the blogger friend became a girl somewhere along the way)

Do you know what I mean? If she is honest and upfront with me, even if it was five years in the making, my reaction would be to help her understand that she could blog about her fantasies, be herself, and still be accepted.


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Freestyle Writing #1 – Just for fun

The midnight moon was beautiful. It was shiny, and it even sparkled. It reminded Heather of fairy dust. Not the moon itself of course, but the beautiful hazy clouds that attempted to veil its beauty.

It is as though the moon leads us to its own magical kingdom, a kingdom where we can defy gravity over and over again without help from technology. On our own, we are able to make of this world what we will.

This world is dreamy, and heavenly. In my mind’s eye, I can see it now. The office dissolves into a serene garden, and immigration is a thing of the past. I walk over to the swing, climb on, and swing away my years.

The midnight moon was beautiful even then, as an eight year old child in school. Well, I wouldn’t be at school at midnight of course, but the moon held its allure even then. I imagined I was a werewolf, or a vampire, or even a moth – so long as I had the capabilities and beauty of a nighttime object, I was safe and secure in my own little haven.

This world is heaven. I glean from it all the happiness I need. It is devoid of relationships, for the very word entails complications. The world is more free, more open, and societal norms are all broken.

I can be a lazy bum if I want to.

Or a hot mess. That’s what society calls it these days.

When I’m on this swing, I can think again. I can feel alive, breathe freely. My thoughts can be heard, just as the sky can be seen. I see the stars, a generous sprinkling of them on the nighttime blanket. The sky doesn’t enshroud me, but it envelops my soul. I am filled with this expansive presence – the presence of the entire world is within me.

I can do whatever, be whatever, and go wherever in this world 0 time and location no longer have any restraints. I can leap across a body of water, leap across a mountain, or simply be content nestling within a valley.

My heaven is full of bright colors; full of different experiences. I want the grass to be green, and the sky to be blue. My heaven is "normal", but better. I do not need the security of wild imagination – if my grass was blue, I’d be bewildered. I do not need change to be happy. I only need freedom. That is the one and only exception – freedom and whatever changes it entails.

I want darkness – without it, my midnight moon would not be relevant, and that’s the basis of my heaven. My foundations lie not within the molten magma but the open skies. I want my core to be orbiting above me, always out of reach.

If I can not touch it, I can not taint it.