Character Building

It’s that weird mid-semester slump where we’ve all finished our round 1 stories and are beginning to brainstorm ideas for our second (and hopefully a little longer, around 20 pages or so) round of stories.

To that effect, this week (for class on Wednesday) our Creative Writing teacher has asked us to pinpoint a weakness that we found in our workshops from our first stories and write a piece focusing on improving that one aspect of our writing.

To be more specific, one of my weaknesses was that I don’t follow the “Show, don’t tell” rule of writing and try to tell my readers what is happening rather than show them. So I’m going to try to write something that avoids that creative writing blunder.

How, I’m not sure, but let’s see how it goes. Nabila, you wanted me to keep you updated, so there you go. Find a specific aspect of your writing you want to improve on, and then write a piece where you try to improve on it. It’d be cool to later blog about how that whole process went for you if you’d like.

Nicki Minaj Pink Friday CONCERT, Summer 2012

I briefly (and barely) blogged that I attended a private performance (turned full-blown concert) by my FAVORITE FEMALE RAPPER Nicki Minaj this summer. You can look at this blog post if you don’t remember.

Nicki Minaj went through her album, her new singles, and did some oldschool mixtape throwbacks in over 2 hours of singing and performances. And I died and went to heaven when she was joined by my YMCMB obsessions Drake and Lil Wayne, with 2Chainz also there all night to hype the crowd after performing his two singles with Nicki Minaj, Beez in the Trap and I Love Dem Strippers

Here are some pictures and videos from the event 🙂 I had VIP seating on top with a perfect view of the entire stage 🙂 No mosh pit for me.

Need I mention….everything was free? Let’s just say I have an AMAZING boss.

My entrance wristband in white, VIP in green


This was her performing one of her Pink Friday ballads, I think.

I beez in the trap, beez beez in the trap. Nicki ft. 2Chainz

The end 😦 So sad, repeat please

Okay still trying to figure out the best way to upload the videos 🙂 I’ll update with them shortly!

The Weeknd

I listened to one of his songs earlier last week and it was REALLY really inspiring 🙂

As a person, he’s really interesting – Canadian born, Ethiopian descent, and a Muslim-Amish faith. I’ve never quite heard of that combination before, but what I’m most interested in is his MUSIC.

Damn, it is so good! I wish he’d been discovered earlier – he deserves some fame more than a lot of other super-popular artists around here. I’m going to throw in a few of my favorite songs now!




He is releasing an entire ALBUM though, titled “Trilogy” which will have all of his previously released songs in it along with three bonus songs. Click here for pre-order information; the album drops November 7.


1.  High For This
2.  What You Need
3.  House Of Balloons / Glass Table Girls
4.  The Morning
5.  Wicked Games
6.  The Party & The After Party
7.  Coming Down
8.  Loft Music
9.  The Knowing
10.  Twenty Eight (Bonus)

1.  Lonely Star
2.  Life Of The Party
3.  Thursday
4.  The Zone (featuring Drake)
5.  The Birds Pt. 1
6.  The Birds Pt. 2
7.  Gone
8.  Rolling Stone
9.  Heaven Or Las Vegas
10.  Valerie (Bonus)

1.  D.D.
2.  Montreal
3.  Outside
4.  XO / The Host
5.  Initiation
6.  Same Old Song (featuring Juicy J)
7.  The Fall
8.  Next
9.  Echoes Of Silence
10.  Till Dawn (Here Comes The Sun) (Bonus)

Romney Sons @ their “finest”

I’m Liberal. Supremely so. This blog isn’t about politics though, so I’m going to keep my personal views to myself and share with you something I ran across today and found really FUNNY!

1. The fact that Tagg Romney announced that he wanted to take a swing at the President of the United States when he’s got the most rude, disrespectful, and uncourteous fatherI have ever seen in a debate. Talking over people? No problem. Sounding like a slimy real estate or insurance agent? You got it.

2. Then there’s poor unfortunate Josh Romney’s “serious” face at the debate, which can be translated into a (super creepy) killer glare. Josh Romney is definitely who I consider to be the ‘hottest’ of the 4 Romney sons, but I digress. This is so funnyyy.

Source –

Josh Romney in the audience of tonight’s debate.

Josh Romney in the audience of tonight’s debate.

Josh Romney in the audience of tonight’s debate.

Josh Romney in the audience of tonight’s debate.

Odour of Chrysanthemums

Today, I bought a bar of Mulberry Leaf and Chrysanthemum Soap between class on a whim. Coincidentally, today we’re reading an exerpt from D.H. Lawrence’s Odour of Chrysanthemums in class! I want to share it with you – the scene is set so vividly!


Below’s the little excerpt from class, I really want to keep reading! Maybe tonight I’ll revisit the link myself and read the rest 🙂

The small locomotive engine, Number 4, came clanking, stumbling down from Selston with seven full waggons. It appeared round the corner with loud threats of speed, but the colt that it startled from among the gorse, which still flickered indistinctly in the raw afternoon, outdistanced it at a canter. A woman, walking up the railway line to Underwood, drew back into the hedge, held her basket aside, and watched the footplate of the engine advancing. The trucks thumped heavily past, one by one, with slow inevitable movement, as she stood insignificantly trapped between the jolting black waggons and the hedge; then they curved away towards the coppice where the withered oak leaves dropped noiselessly, while the birds, pulling at the scarlet hips beside the track, made off into the dusk that had already crept into the spinney. In the open, the smoke from the engine sank and cleaved to the rough grass. The fields were dreary and forsaken, and in the marshy strip that led to the whimsey, a reedy pit-pond, the fowls had already abandoned their run among the alders, to roost in the tarred fowl-house. The pit-bank loomed up beyond the pond, flames like red sores licking its ashy sides, in the afternoon’s stagnant light. Just beyond rose the tapering chimneys and the clumsy black head-stocks of Brinsley Colliery. The two wheels were spinning fast up against the sky, and the winding-engine rapped out its little spasms. The miners were being turned up.

The engine whistled as it came into the wide bay of railway lines beside the colliery, where rows of trucks stood in harbour.

Miners, single, trailing and in groups, passed like shadows diverging home. At the edge of the ribbed level of sidings squat a low cottage, three steps down from the cinder track. A large bony vine clutched at the house, as if to claw down the tiled roof. Round the bricked yard grew a few wintry primroses. Beyond, the long garden sloped down to a bush-covered brook course. There were some twiggy apple trees, winter-crack trees, and ragged cabbages. Beside the path hung dishevelled pink chrysanthemums, like pink cloths hung on bushes. A woman came stooping out of the felt-covered fowl-house, half-way down the garden. She closed and padlocked the door, then drew herself erect, having brushed some bits from her white apron.

Packed weekend ahead!

This year, NYU has given us a mini-vacation in October! We have Monday and Tuesday off for Fall Break, a tradition I haven’t seen at the university since my Freshman year! Technically, all offices ae still open, it’s just the classes that are cancelled, but I maneuvered my schedule around aand took both days off from work as well.

We are all planning to head to Atlantic City for a few days. Partially to celebrate Carolyn’s 21st birthday and partially to unwind after my LAT’s and everybody’s midterms! I’m really eciteddd – the hotel room was free, booked with rewards points that Eric racked up. Oh yeah, it’ll be 3 guys and 3 girls on the trip, we’e got 2 hotel rooms. I SO EXCITED!

My parents are annoyed that I’m going to AC because they feel like I’ve “been there, done that” once I’ve been to Ls Vegas. My mother has been upset at me for never being at home this semester, but it’s my last one at NYU and I want to enjoy it to the full!

Besides the Atlantic City trip from Sunday-Tuesday, I’ve got the LSAC New York Forum taking place on Friday and Saturday from 12pm-5pm both days. I’m not sure if I plan on attending one day or both, but we’ll get to that later. Tomorrow is the official celebration of Carolyn’s 21st birthdayand I don’t plan on sleeping much. So going back to the initial question – I will most likely opt NOT to attend the LSAC forum on Saturday. I don’t think there’s a real need, I’ve only got about 7-8 schools that I want to apply to. I’ll most likely attend for a little while and then head back downtown to change into party attire for Carolyn’s birthday bash type thing.

Since I’m taking Saturday off from the forum, I’ll probably use the time to begin working on the rest of my law school application process. I’ve still got to finish updating my resume and start writing my essays!! I want to finish my Georgetown submission first since it is my top choice right now. I am seriously contemplating applying EArly Decision to Georgetown actually.

For now, I need some slep so I can wake up in the morning awake enough to get ready and pack up and stuffs. I need to pack for AC as well since I’ll be staying with Carolyn for the weekend.