About them papers…

This weekend, I MUST finish at least the American Literature paper. Get it out of the way so at I can focus on my November 30 presentation on the lovely political intrigue of the masque as a performance and as a commentary.

So that must needs be done, and soon. This was totally appropriate English for an English major to use.

I have Gauri sleeping over tonight so my plan to update Nail Spark* with pictures of my haul sort of fell through. Now it is 2AM, I’m talking to somebody, and I just feel too lazy.

Small post, I feel like I haven’t blogged on here in a while, that is all. I’m also working on the next 100 Tales story, it’s saved as a draft right now, so expect to see t in a day or so.



2 thoughts on “About them papers…

  1. That’s because you haven’t updated! *sobs* I DIDN’T HAVE ANYTHING TO STALKK *SOBS* YOU KNOW YOUR BLOG IS HALF MY LIFEEE *SOBSS*

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